Foods That Burn Fat

10 Foods That Burn Fat
Fat Burning Foods
1.       Eggs– Eggs are low in fat and helps to burn unwanted fat. It is high in protein and levels of Vitamin B-12. Most fat burning properties of an egg is in the egg whites.
2.       Beans– Everybody knows that beans can be a disturbance to the gastrointestinal. However, they are good for iron, protein, and fiber.
3.       Oatmeal– This helps to lower your cholesterol level. It is loaded with soluble fiber which, helps to reduce blood cholesterol by flushing bad digestive acids out of your body.
4.       Olive Oil– This helps to burn fat and keeps your cholesterol down.
5.       Lean Cut Meats: turkey, beef, salmon, tuna and etc. The protein compounds of these meats are slowly broken down which, allows consumers to feel fuller for long periods of time.
6.       Skim Milk– Milk helps the body to gain muscle and loose fat after exercising.
7.       Green Tea-Increases your metabolism
8.       Berries– This fruit is full of fiber.
9.       Whole Grain– This is a great source for vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and fiber. Whole grain is good in helping regulate the bowel system, hunger and metabolism.
10.   Grapefruit– The phytochemicals in this fruit help reduce insulin levels. This is a process that can force your body to convert calories into energy.

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