Saving and Ballin on a Budget

Just like the average female, I enjoy shopping. Some of my favorite places to shop are  BCBG, Forever21Rue 21RossPoloCoachDillardLoftVictoria’s SecretFrancesca’sWal-MartBijuju, and more. The good thing about my shopping habit is that I always head to the nearest Outlet for great deals before heading to the mall. I love clothes, shoes, and handbags, but when I moved into my own place, I realized that I couldn’t spend as much money as I use to on things that I didn’t need. However, there were a few times when I felt like splurging so, I did. Therefore, I purchased whatever I wanted without any worries. I went out to eat every day with my friends for dinner or do fast food. As a full-time

 college student and a part-time sales associate, I went to school Monday-Friday and worked 24+ hours a week. Somewhere down the line of not keeping up with the amount of money I saved and spent, I came to realize that I should be more cautious of the way I spend money.

 Each summer, I would work two jobs and save as much money as possible before classes started again because I try to focus more on school than work.

Now I am trying this new thing to manage to still do the things I enjoy like going out with friends, traveling, and shopping, all while sticking to a savings plan.

This is something that one of my friends calls Ballin on a budget.

How does one actually ball on a budget?

I am in the process of saving for a new car, school books, tuition, and the development of a nonprofit. With a list like this, how do I maintain and continue to push forward? This may not be a long list, but the cost of these things can become a little pricey. So this is how I do it! One of my coworkers told me about a saving plan that her husband introduced to her.


 “Pay you first. Even though you have bills, you should always pay yourself first if you truly want to save money,” my coworker told me one day while we were having lunch together. 


 With that being said, a new perspective of saving and sticking to my plan took full effect. One way that I found to be a reliable source of saving is having a direct deposit set up with my bank and employer. Direct deposit is a good thing because it guarantees that my money will make it into the bank. To save money, one should arrange for at least 10% – 20% of your paycheck to be direct deposited into a savings and the remaining balance direct deposited into a checking account. Thus far, I manage not to take any money out of my savings. I fill my car up every week just to keep from stopping at the gas station numerous times throughout the week. Instead of purchasing my food at work during my break, I bring food from home. Lunch at work ranges from $7-$10 a day which is $35-$50 a week. By not purchasing lunch each day, I manage to save an extra $140 to $200 a month.

Since I get paid weekly from my job, I give myself $40 a week. I don’t always spend it all because I am pushing forward to purchasing a new car and finishing school; every dollar earned counts. Some people say you should spend your money instead of saving it because you can’t take it with you when you are no longer living. However, you must be responsible for your actions. Saving for a rainy day or saving for your future can always benefit you.


Ways I save and earn $$

1. CCU Nail Spa offers a 10% discount to college students; I take advantage of that.

2. I shop at Tanger Outlets and use every discount I can find in the mall coupon book. 

3. I am a sales rack shopper 95% of the time. 

4. I use Kayak when making traveling arrangements

5. I take my lunch to work every day.

6. Opened a savings account

7. Use direct deposit for all payments received

8. Take online surveys for a little extra cash

9. Freelance writing for extra cash

10. Secret shop to earn a little more cash


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