Mindless Behavior!!!!

Mindless Behavior

So late one night, I was lying in bed with my laptop searching and watching different videos on YouTube. I began to search for all music featuring Diggy Simons when I came across Mindless Behavior.” 


  Diggy Simmons  

  Immediately I sat straight up in bed and began rocking to the music when this group of talented young artists started to perform. I believe I played their song, Mrs. Right featuring Diggy Simmons

repeatedly, at least three times. And during each playback, I nodded my head, moving, and singing along with the music. There is no doubt that this young group of teenagers, including Diggy Simmons, have a unique swag, aptitude, and fashion sense. This is a new generation of music that is very elaborate.


So once again, who exactly is Mindless Behavior?


Mindless Behavior is a group of teenagers with limitless talent, drive, energy, and a fearless passion for music. The group comprises four very talented 13-year-old boys: Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton. Putting together these four high-spirited teenagers, you have “Mindless Behavior!” The group comprises pop, hip hop, and R&B that proclaims to transform the music world.


According to the dictionaries, mindless means dull, purposeless, and unconcerned. However, the group has given meaning to the word. They define mindless as a lifestyle that allows one to express themselves, be oneself, have confidence, and not be afraid to stand out.

The group is starting a movement and redefining the word mindless and sending a powerful, much-needed message to youth. Mindless Behavior is a new way of standing out and embracing one’s individuality without putting forth effort. The boys believe and quotes, “if you’re confident and not afraid to stand out, you’re mindless. If you get good grades in school, you’re mindless. If you express yourself, you’re mindless.” 


The message that the group is sending out is indeed a message that will make a difference in today’s society teenagers. Promoting for teenagers to embrace their individuality is a campaign that only teenagers can make a success. This is a group of talented young men whos set out to change the music industry as they send a positive message to their peers. Embracing their personalities and sending a message out to their peers and people of all ages is MINDLESS!


With epic dance moves and a smooth and revolutionary fashion style, the group is taking the world by surprise. Performing and making a difference among their peers and fans of all ages this group is true.




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