Randomly one night I created a quote and sent it to a few people in my contact list: “So many times in life people wish to have love. How can you want and lone for something you never experienced or had. How do you know it’s something good and not bad. #ThougthForTonight.”
In response to my quote/text, one person didn’t respond, one person asked if it was a mass text, one person asked if I needed to talk, and one person said she liked it. However; one person responded by saying, “It is a desire placed in us by our Creator who is love…. We crave it more if we never had it…. a starving child can crave a meal it has never had… knowing that it is a need that must be filled to survive… he or she may eat garbage in attempts to satisfy that need… Just like a person starving for love may get involved in the wrong thing… the desire is innate….”

Zizek speaks and gives his meaning of love

“True Love,” according to Zizek

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