Cellphone Frantic

When I leave my home the first things I always make sure I have with me is my cell phone, car and house keys, chap stick/lip gloss, hand lotion, and my wallet. Yesterday morning I was in a rush to leave my home and didn’t realize that I left my cellphone on the kitchen table. Without my cell I get in a frantic mode. It is because I check my email, social sites, text messaging, make phone calls, and use my mobile GPS. I started a internship yesterday morning as a Communication Intern writing web content and I was almost late because I didn’t have my GPS. I couldn’t remember how to get to my destined location. I drove around about 5-10 minutes before I realize I was passing the my destined building over and over. If I had my cell phone I would have been there on time.However, if I would have paid attention to street signs and landmarks I would have been able to find my way as well. The cell phone is multipurpose hand held device. I don’t leave my house without it however, I survived yesterday without it. Today I was able to give someone else directions to the same location without even using my GPS.

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