Food and Restaurants in France


These are just a few of the lunches and dinners we had while in France.. Sometimes we got half way done with our food before we realized we didn’t take a picture.
Lunch while visiting “Du Pont Du Gard”
 “Le Bistrot du Pont du Gard”serves drinks and sandwiches.


 Pont du Gard Bridge


 While sitting and eating our food in a restaurant this is what walks in as if walking into the restaurant for a stroll and afternoon snack was normal.. “Probably was LOL!”

 First Official Dinner in Paris, France

 Lunch On Our Own
On this day, day two, Leah and I both  overslept and when we finally made it to the lobby of our hotel, our tour group was gone. We like to call this Day Damn Two. LOL!! ( Insider) However, we managed to make our way around Paris, France. We rode the metro to the center of Paris, ordered food and still had fun at the same time. Hey, I think we did pretty good by ourselves.




I had the best meal at the Romantica Caffe’

“The meal” I didn’t care too much about. If you take a close look, that’s raw ham on the plate… I like my meat cooked. I didn’t have time to be getting sick while out of the USA. 

 We drunk plenty of water on the trip; we probably drunk more than we do on a daily bases while at home.

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