The Last First Time by Keshia Kelly

Living a healthy lifestyle or starting a exercise routine may have come up on your list of “to do’s” this year. If so, I’m here to share some inspiration with you. The statement above resonates so loud. It’s a declaration of truth to help us stay on track. No one ever said the truth would not hurt. So, “If you’re tired of starting over, Stop giving up”.

Many of us this year will make renewed resolutions, new promises, and goals but are we going to stick with them? This is the ultimate question, but when we’re truthful with ourselves, what will the outcome be? It is frustrating to start over time and time again and to find yourself going in circles with no signs of progression. However, it’s about choices. As the holidays become a distant memory and our busy schedules begin to pick up our once proud vows of “I’m going to do better” begin to give way to excuses. Does that sound familiar? This year, remember this quote, as you start strong and especially on days when you are feeling weak. STOP giving up on yourself. You deserve to give yourself a chance to achieve a healthy lifestyle and body. One moment and choice at time is all it takes. Don’t stop short of your goal. A new you is waiting to live the best life ever. So get a grip and push yourself to greatness. Break the cycle of a quitter’s mindset today. Make up in your mind that you will Not give up. Let today be your last first time. Remember, a healthy body must start with a healthy mindset. Happy New Year!


To know her is to love her.

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