4 Things You Must Do When Traveling

Look for souvenirs outside the gift shop

When traveling try to avoid gift shops when purchasing souvenirs. There will be unique and original finding when visiting street vendors and random stores you come across while traveling.  Looking for original art became a thing for me when I took my first international trip to Europe. While visiting Europe my goal was to find an original art piece from both France and Spain; I found my art work on the streets from the artist themselves.

Try traditional foods

Food is cooked differently all over the world. It would not be a trip if you did not try a dish that is well known in the area you visit. Trying traditional foods is like tasting a little bit of the culture. During my first visit to Louisiana my college friend made sure before I headed back to South Carolina I tried an original Po Boy, southern Louisiana gumbo, and beignets from Café Du Munde.

Explore off the beaten path

When traveling everything doesn’t need to be planned to every hour and every minute of the day. There must be some leisure during the trip that will allow you to relax and explore certain things with no time constraints. When visiting Spain, I really wanted to visit an art museum and my best friend really wanted to find Ice Bar Barcelona. We had a pretty tight schedule while traveling abroad however, throughout the trip we tended to adventure away from the tour group, most times were by accident and a few were planned. Some of our best memories was created off the beaten path.

Visit a historical attraction

Visiting historical attractions will allow you to gain more knowledge of the area you are visiting. Exploring historical places can open your mind to new things and drive your desire to take on more adventures. When exploring historical places, I find the history to be intriguing.

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