The Beach Is My Calm Place

No matter where I am in the world, I will be there if there is a beach. The beach is my favorite place to visit. It’s my calm place and where I go when I need to be alone. The sound of the waves soothes me, and the breeze from the waves makes me feel rejuvenated.

There is something about looking out into the ocean and listening to the waves that make me feel everything will be okay. I can spend hours on the beach without realizing the time passing by because I become at ease. On January 13th, I was stressed and missing home, so I drove to North Myrtle Beach, SC, and spent three hours on the beach without realizing it. Living close to the beach is something I miss, so I take advantage of every opportunity I receive. A glimpse of different beach adventures!


2 thoughts on “The Beach Is My Calm Place

  1. I love this! Sometimes we need to get away and find our calmness. Myrtle Beach is gorgeous. I went there on a family road trip. The beach is nice, and the residents are very welcoming. Thanks for sharing!

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