It’s OK to Take A Break!

When there is all work and no play you can stress and burn yourself out. Taking a break from work allows you to rejuvenate. When you are burned and or stressed out it becomes hard to focus on what needs to be done, to make sound decisions, you become stressed, emotional, and the list can go on. To protect your sanity, you must know when enough is enough. It’s OK to say no to things that you may not want to do or don’t have time for and it’s OK to take a break and go on vacation.

Taking a break releases stress and allows for you to regather your thoughts.  When you head back to work you might be smarter at your job according to In the article “5 Reason to Plan Your Vacation Right Now, ” Health mentioned that stress can have an impact on decision making therefore, after taking a few days off with no stress you will be able to make more thoughtful decisions at work. I find this to be very true. I have taken several breaks away from work I was able to go back with a clear mind and think differently.

Sometimes it becomes hard to take a break from work especially, when you are always on the go, making decisions and trying to stay two steps ahead of the game, traveling, networking and the list can go on. When you are in a leadership role sometimes it’s even harder to step away from these things. However, you must think of your health physically and mentally in order to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle instead of just winging it. You always want to bring your best self always in order to set a positive tone and develop great productivity, you can’t do this without taking care of yourself.

Remember, it’s OK! Go ahead and take a vacation away from work. If you don’t have anywhere in particular you would like to go or maybe you can’t afford to go anywhere now, plan a stay-cation and enjoy what your town or neighboring cities have to offer. There are several free things to take part in far as festivals, museums, shows, and a variety of events that may be open to the public. Don’t forget the one thing that will be free is relaxation at home doing something you have been wanting to do: read a new book, binge watch your favorite Netflix shows or cook that dinner you have been meaning to cook. We all have different things that relax us; just know when its time to relax and know it’s OK.

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