3 Highlights From LA

I have traveled up and down the East cost but I have never traveled to the west cost until recently! My birthday was coming up and I was taking a vacation away from work so decided to purchase a flight to California to visit a friend where I made a toast to new friendships and memories, achieving goals, and living life.

My plans for visiting LA was to go to the Xscape concert Sunday night, Disney Land on Monday, The Real and wine tasting on Tuesday and fly back to Raleigh, NC Wednesday evening. However, things don’t always go as planned. Disney and wine tasting had to be taken off of the list due to weather and schedule mix ups. Even though things had to be cut out of the plan I enjoyed my first time out west. I do want to share some of my favorite highlights from LA which was the Xscape Concert, Newport Beach, and being part of the The Real audience.

When it was announced that Xscape was going on tour I got excited and hoped they would stop in a city near me. Luckily, Raleigh,NC was a concert location. However, when the R&B group stopped in Raleigh, NC  I didn’t have anyone to accompany me and I didn’t want to attend the concert a lone. Long story short, I missed Xscape when they came to Raleigh, North Carolina but I got the chance to catch them in LA, California during my visit! Little did I know LA was the last stop of the Great Xscape Tour!

Monday was suppose to be a day at Disney Land but due to the rain, Monday turned into a beach day. My friend and I decided to drive down to Newport Beach. The views were amazing and it was very relaxing to feel the breeze off the ocean and hear the sound of the waves. I believe everyone knows the beach is my favorite place to be and I can stay there all day. While walking the pier we saw something jumping out of the water every few minutes. I immediately thought dauphins but after looking through a telescope on the pier it turned out to be a seal just enjoying his or her day! The rain followed from Disney to Newport and the walk down the pier was cut short.

Newport Pier

Newport Pier

The Real is one of my favorite talk shows. All of the ladies are very inspiring and I enjoy the topics they bring to the table. They are all very outspoken with sharing their life experiences, giving their opinions and advice. I was super excited to be in the same room as women who I find to be dream chasers and hard at work.

All together I enjoyed my entire trip to California. The last couple of days did not go as planned because I got my returning flight mixed up. I confused LAX and LAS and was on the edge of missing my entire flight from the west coast to the east coast. The mix up is kind of a long story so I wont go into detail.

California is a pretty large state so I am already planning my next visit to go back out west with the hope of going to Disney, wine tasting, and adventuring out more!

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