What’s In My Travel Bag

When traveling, I tend to put so much junk into my bag because I always think when I don’t pack something, I will need it. Therefore, when I travel, I have to think of things I will need and things I can do without. When traveling by flight, you become limited on what can go into a carry-on or personal item; shout out to TSA for keeping me in check with over stuffing. LOL! Anyway, my recent travels took me to LA, California, and I wanted to share the few things I carried in my carrry-on bag.


  1. Portable charger: I find it challenging to find an outlet to recharge my phone between connecting flights or when I arrive at my destination, so I invested in a small portable charger for $8 from Target.
  2. A book: I think reading is very fundamental and helps to stimulate my brain. During my last travel adventure, I read “Not Posted,” a memoir composed by Tabitha James. It was a quick read and very motivational. A little motivation goes a long way when you are traveling and thinking about your next move or just thinking about life in general!
  3. Journal: I carry a journal around with me every day to capture new ideas when they hit me. When traveling, I find it vital to have my journal capture the “in the moment” thoughts and events. I sometimes use my phone for jotting down ideas, but there is nothing like using a pen on paper!
  4.  Cash: To control my expenses, I took out a specific dollar amount of money from my bank account for my trip. Sometimes I stay on budget, and sometimes I go over. In 2018 I was trying to stick to a monthly budget and increase my savings so, it is imperative to me right now that I stick to my plan.
  5. A light jacket: I want to be comfortable during my travels, so I took a light jacket with me just in case I get cold. The temperature in the airport can be a hit or miss. I always end up in a freezing airport, and the same goes for the temperature on a plane. Most airlines provide small blankets when there is an overnight flight, but I never like to gamble with the idea.
  6. Earbuds: I always take earbuds for music and watching movies/videos during my travels to stay entertained. They also come in handy as noise blockers when there is a fussy infant or toddler onboard the flight.
  7.  Snacks: Once inside the airport, depending on the duration of my flight, I sometimes grab a few snacks because I usually fall asleep and miss when the flight attendants come around with the pretzels and crackers.

I hope that sharing what was in my travel bag will help someone else prepare for a trip and pack a few things they didn’t think to pack before. Happy traveling, and always pack your main essentials first.


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