What Is A Boss

Bossed Up is traveling and highlighting those who put in work to make their dreams and aspirations come true. Every month there will be someone introduced as a boss; the first boss will be introduced on Monday, February 5, 2018. To sum up what a boss is….. it is someone chasing his or her dreams, making a difference, and doing exceptional things in life. Anyone can Boss Up; all it takes is dedication and consistency.

Becoming a writer has always been my dream so, I started blogging over 7 years ago.  It has not been a easy road but I am still at it. Therefore, highlighting those who refuse to give up on their dreams and just make things happen is a strong interest! If you are a boss, lets link up and talk about all the boss moves you have made. If you know a boss send them my way so we can make boss moves together.

Things To Remember About A Boss is…….

A boss sets goals and executes them

A boss follows dreams

A boss sets a positive example for those looking up to him or her

A boss is a motivator

A boss is a mentor

A boss steps out of the comfort zone

A boss takes chances

A boss leads by example

A boss is constantly learning and finding different ways to increase development

A boss spreads knowledge

A boss is anyone doing exceptional things

A boss TAKES CONTROL of his or her life


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