Build A Strong Support System

Regardless of what one may be going through a strong  support system of friends to help stay balanced in life is needed. When you have friends who support you and you support them things become less stressful. When you don’t have a support system you may find yourself making decisions a lone that you wish you had someone to consult with.

Don’t be afraid to open up to those you trust. We all go through trials and tribulations in life and sometimes we may get to a point of not knowing where to turn or who to turn to. Stress levels can increase due to break ups, finances, goals, or anything life decides to throw at you. This is when having a strong support system of friends come in handy. I did a little research and found out having  a social support system can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Using myself as an example; there have been times when I would sit and think about how to solve my problems  for hours when I needed someone’s helps and didn’t know exactly who to call or what to do. It got to the point of me stressing myself out and developing frequent headaches. My best friend called me one night and she sensed something was wrong so she made plans to come visit me. I was excited about her visit but I was also still stressing over my  situation at the time, her arrival,  and  about little things such as if my house was clean enough, will I have enough energy to keep a smile on my face throughout her visit.  However, when she arrived I knew she was one of my biggest supports. We talked went out to dinner and enjoyed each others friendship and support. Paying her back for her kindness, selflessness, love, and ear for listening is priceless; her friendship is priceless.

I read a quote that stated “true friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient, its about being there when it’s not.” With everything my best-friend had going such as teaching, after-school activities, conferences and meetings, she made time to come visit me and make sure I was okay. Indeed, I return the support when she needs it because that is what friends do, they support each other. It felt good to talk about what was bothering me, to relax and hang out with my forever friend.

Your support system is anyone who is there for you and those you trust.  Just remember to invest your time into people who invest in you and you will build a strong support system.


5 thoughts on “Build A Strong Support System

  1. Girl this just made me tear up!! Having a solid support system can make or break you. You’re right it’s so I mportant to have the right people in your circle that can build you up and be vulnerable with so you can keep a balanced lifestyle. It’s hard to find true friends, but it’s great that you have a forever friend who will always listen. I know she’s glad to have you as a best friend too!!

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