4 Quick Getaways in the Carolinas!

Sometimes you just need to get away and do something you love. This can easily be fixed with a quick getaway for a few days throughout the week or on the weekend. I am a Carolina girl and I have visited a few places throughout the North Carolina and South Carolina. Therefore, I am sharing a few places that were quick getaways for me.

Raleigh, North Carolina: So I have been living near the Raleigh area for two and a half years. There are several things in the small metropolitan area that will keep one entertained. There are history museums, art museums, and a variety of dinning places. When visiting the downtown area you may come across a festival or concert on any street corner. There are several shopping centers within the city and surrounding areas for those who love to shop when he or she goes out.

Asheville, North Carolina: If you enjoy the mountain life and scenery, Asheville will be ideal. Biltmore is one of the most visited attractions in Asheville, North Carolina. The historical site receives thousands of visitors each years; its a family run business. You can stay on the grounds and enjoy all of the available amenities from horse back riding, horse & carriage rides, dining, house tours, walks in the gardens, wine tasting, and shopping. Downtown Asheville  has several things to do such as visiting art galleries, concerts, and poetry nights for those who love are.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:  Myrtle  Beach is a stretch of beaches. There are several things to do such as  go to a show at the Alabama Theatre, dine at one of the several restaurants at Broadway at the beach or Barefoot Landing , go golfing, visit Brook Green Gardens and much more. Staying ocean front in your favorite hotel/condo can be relaxing and very rejuvenating to wake up to. A trip to the beach can be a family oriented  vacation or just  The area was built to be a tourist location and over the years it has blossomed and continue to grow.

Charleston South Carolina: Charleston is a popular place to visit for a quick getaway. When I am at work I meet so many people who are traveling to the Charleston area. A lot of them are going for the fine dinning restaurants, historical sites, and to hit the beaches. With the summer approaching it can be a place for friends to explore the night life together or just enjoy a quick weekend together. During my visits I am always hitting the shopping centers and eating a different restaurants. However, one of my best trips was visiting the Boone Hall Historical site with my family. We explored the grounds which was very educational and eventful.

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