How To Move On When Your Heart Has Been Broken

Before you all get into this story, I have recently gone through writers’ block!! Last week’s guest blogger Alyssa Frison encouraged me to share this story. I have written this blog that you are about to read a few years ago, and it has sat in my drafting area of word-press ever since, just like a few other stories that I have not posted. Some of these stories are sensitive, but I figured this one might help someone else overcome a heartbreak or to love him or herself. Besides, I Journi is all about inspiring and motivating others, so why not share! YIKES! Here it goes! 

The best way to move on after heartbreak is to focus on yourself through SELF LOVE!

For years I went through a relationship that was on and off; it was almost like a pattern. It has been a year since my relationship ended for good, and I have been torn. I didn’t understand why my relationship ended and why we kept departing each other as if it was nothing and then getting back together. It took me some time to understand and be OKAY with us not being together. I vowed to start loving myself first by doing more things I enjoy and following my dreams more.

I started back revamping my blogs and writing more. I even attended an information session for a graduate program I am interested in. Another thing I found myself doing when making me love me again was working out more. I even took myself out on dates to museums, art galleries, movies, and dinners. I found myself hanging out with my friends more as we motivated each other towards our dreams.

Putting more effort into something you want will take you far. Remember to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and can handle anything that comes your way. You can even place post-its all over your bathroom mirror for motivation like Mary Jane Paul from Being Mary Jane,

However, you shouldn’t have to wait until a breakup to start loving you; you should love yourself first at all times. If you are not there yet, at the point of loving you first, I hope you reach that point in your life. I promised myself during the time of healing and searching for my inner peace, and the promise was to make sure I am in love with myself before I decide to enter another relationship. The thought of getting to know someone else and starting over sounds and feels exhausting to me, but I know when I am ready again, the exhausting feeling will not be there.

Accepting reality when it’s time to move on is hard, but being OKAY with my situation helped me take care of myself. If no one else is taking care of me, I have to.


2 thoughts on “How To Move On When Your Heart Has Been Broken

  1. “Accepting reality when it’s time to love one is hard…”

    I love it!!! Sometimes it’s not the person we miss but the routine of being in a relationship. Having that person to text or call or go out with. I agree though, self love really is the only way to heal after that kind of hurt.

    Love Love Love!!!!

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