TO The MOM: Happy Mother’s DAY!

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to all MOMS out there. Over the years I have meet some pretty darn amazing MOMS!

All MOMS have something in common, they want  nothing but the best for their children! Moms would do all things possible to make sure their children are taken care of and to ensure they do not go without.

To the MOM who is always POSITIVE, I admire you because of your positive outlook on life and wanting to be an example for your children. The first day I meet this Mom, she were power walking, trying not to be late to work all while  smiling. She was a college student, working two jobs and recently separated/divorced. This MOM was studying to be a physical therapist and it came with a work load of exams and practicums. I have seen this mom worried and stressed but she always kept a positive outlook on things and she knew how to make the best of  any situation. She was always on the go  but no matter what she made sure she was there for  her kids. Her relationship with them is amazingly beautiful. She knew they were watching her and she wanted to be the best example she could be.

To the MOM I have known my entire life, I admire you because of your ability to do whatever it takes to make sure your children does not go without anything. This mom went from a working mom to a stay at home mom. She’s always there to support her children in their extracurricular activities and school work. This MOM has a house full but she keep things going.

To the MOM of three boys, I admire you because of your fun and loving relationship you have with your children.  This Mom honestly puts her boys first.  I am constantly telling her that she is great Mom regardless of how she may feel at the time. She works a full-time job and still manages to make time for her boys. She ensures her work schedule is not too hectic so she is able to attend sporting events, cub-scout events, field trips, senior night events, take her boys out to dinner, or just spend time at home playing games and cooking together. She has such a loving heart and would do anything for not only for her boys but for anyone she cares deeply about.

To the MOM who has nothing but SWEET EXPRESSIONS! She made it through college as a single mom and she is still grinding! She has a entrepreneur mind set and she is all about empowerment. She ensures that whatever she is doing is best for her son.  She is a busy Mom but she makes time for her son by taking him on dates, staying involved in his schooling, and just talking to him about his day.

To the MOM who is Selfless, I admire you for your selfless act. This Mom made changes in her life to take care of her daughter and her granddaughter. This Mom’s youngest daughter became ill some years ago and her mom instincts kicked in to ensure she did what was best for her daughter. She moved in with her daughter and granddaughter to ensure they had the proper help. This Mom had to make some personal life changes a long this journey but she continues to push forward.

To the MOM who raised me, I admire you for just being my Mom. Even as a grown adult I find myself needing my mom. Sometimes she tells me no and sometimes she tells me yes, but regardless of her responses I know she means well. I have grown into the person I am today because of my MOM and I appreciate and thank her for  her care and support.

There are so many great MOMs and I can’t name or list them all! Happy Mother’s Day to every MOM out there! Know that you are appreciated and loved by your kids because NO MATTER how old one may get they will always need their MOM. 

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