Bossed UP Featuring Domonique Janaya

She Slay, Pray, and Proceed!  She is a Girl Boss to be reckoned with!

Meet Domonique Janaya a creative self-starter in all things from Charleston, South Carolina. She’s a very spiritual and influential individual who really steps out on faith to make her dreams and goals come true. This entrepreneur is Bossed UP and on her grind to grow her brand. 

When Domonique graduated from undergrad she didn’t know exactly what she was going to do. She had a lot of free time to spare and was always thinking there was something else she should or could be doing.  In her words, “I didn’t think of becoming an entrepreneur, it just happened.”

Domonique developed entrepreneurship in February of 2016 with the It Works company. For about two years she worked with It Works and learned several of things a long the way such as being accountable, branding, and the importance of self-development.

Domonique Janaya is now the owner of Make God Famous, Lulu 64, and the host of Wit ‘Cho Bad Self Podcast. Anything  Domonique puts her mind to, she succeeds in it. She has something her mom likes to call “Blessed Hands” meaning she is good at using her hands for several things such as playing the piano and sewing. All of her brands tie together with her love for God, Self, and wanting to inspire others.

Get to know a little more about this Girl Boss through 9 questions that reveals her inspiration to build her brand.


1. What does a day normally look like for Domonique?

Well I still have a 9-5 Monday through Friday, so in the mornings I usually start with prayer and meditation . I then head to work and when I finish my day I go home to my corner spot in my living room and get to work. During that time I’m responding to emails, sewing and designing. I also make sure that I’m posting on my social media platforms throughout the day since my brands are mostly visual. I try to be in bed by midnight but normally its later. LoL!


2. What is your purpose?

My purpose is to just EMPOWER! More so to let women know it’s not about how you look. I want women to know you can be whatever you want to be because your audience will be who you want them to be. Everyone has a story and its all about finding your story and voice and living them out UN-apologetically.

3. What made you want to start your very own podcast? Do you have a targeted audience?

I started my podcast to touch on topics that impact high school girls and women up to about the age of 30. I don’t want women and young girls to feel they are the only ones going through things. I was always told I was pretty influential but I shied away for a long time from the comments because I didn’t think I had gone through enough to share my experiences. But now that I am 26 I have learned to not take my personal journey for granted and use my experiences to help others too.

4. What made you decided to start a clothing line and how did you come up with the name Lulu 64?

I started getting serious about sewing in 2016 when I was out of work after relocating. I honestly feel it’s my destiny. Someone shared with me that I should use the gifts that God’s given me. I’ve always been creative but sewing always stuck . The name Lulu 64 came from my two grandmothers whom both are named Lucille and my mom’s birth year, 1964. My mom and dad bought me my first sewing machine and told me to go for it. My parents never was the ones to hold my hand in life instead they gave me the tools I had to go for it; I thank them for that.

5. What has been the hardest part with building your brand?

I feel it was difficult but staying consistent and relevant can be hard because trends change. It can be difficult for girl bosses or entrepreneurs to not get pulled into a particular look but to instead stay true. One thing I have learned is when you’re working in your purpose you don’t operate in trends; you’re staying true to yourself.

6. What keeps you motivated and  keeps you going behind your dream/brand?

Just to be able to say I made it. To say I started from here and made it to there. Most importantly, to say I gave it all that I had. To be an inspiration for someone else because anyone could be watching. My journey could be the push that someone else may need.

7. If you can give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self…..GIRL, you are going to be the! Don’t let small and trivial things get to you. You are going to go through things in life. Even when you get to where you are going in life you will continue to go through things. Embrace your journey and enjoy the ride.

8. We are midway through 2018 do you have any big plans for your brand?

Now that we’re midway through 2018, my main focus for my brands are simply growth. I hope to participate in a fashion show or few and to begin to wholesale my Make God Famous Apparel as well as participate in more events. For the podcast I’d love to start doing interviews of new and upcoming entrepreneurs and letting them share their journeys as well.

9. What advice would you give to other Bosses out there following their dreams and trying to make their dreams come true?

The advice that I would share with other bosses is to “Slay in your own lane.” I’m not quite sure who originated that quote but I think it’s brilliant.  It’s so easy to get caught up in what other girl bosses may be doing but when you purposely seek passion and find it, that is a beautiful thing. So sis stay true to your lane. Go with God and follow your heart because when those things align you can’t go wrong!




If you would like to keep up with Domonique Janaya you can link with this BOSS through  her social media accounts or website, all listed below.

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Facebook@Domonique Janaya

Instagram: @thedominquejanaya  

Lulu64 @shop_lulu64   

Make God Famous @makegodfamousbrand


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