The Importance of Seeking Help From a Mental Health Professional

Seeking help from a Mental Health Professional is important because they will give you sound advice and unbiased counseling.

Don’t get me wrong, speaking with family and friends can be beneficial when you need a support system. Still, I have found professional help makes it easier to be open about emotions and addressing things that have taken place. 

Some people will attempt to hide and ignore symptoms that point to mental health issues: he or they may be ashamed or don’t know how to handle it. According to Better Health Television, talking to your doctor or mental health professional about emotional difficulties is a positive step toward improving your mental health. A professional can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. For example, he or she can improve your problem-solving skills, build and increase confidence, help you heal from the past, and set and achieve personal goals. 

I recently spoke with a young female in her late 20s and asked her three questions about speaking with a mental health provider; she was glad to share part of her journey. 

1.Did you decide to see a mental health professional on your own, or was it recommended? 

I decided to see a mental health professional on my own. During my freshman year of college, I realized I was unusually sad and had no appetite. I went to the campus health facility for help and got put on antidepressants.

2. Why did you decide to speak with a mental health professional instead of a family member or friend? 

I like to have an unbiased opinion in situations that I go through. I’ve found that family and friends sometimes “cater” the advice to you. Plenty of times, my therapist has asked me, “What did you learn from the situation?” “What can you do better next time?” “Let’s reflect; how could you have responded differently?” These questions have helped a lot in my personal growth. Family and friends don’t ask these questions.

3. How has seeing a mental health provider affected you? 

I have been affected in so many ways that I can’t really just tell you about them all. 

1) I’m more reflective than I would be. In preparation for my next session, I analyze what happened since the last visit and go through the concerns I want to discuss. 

2) Therapy helps me to realize when I’m depressed because I sometimes try to deny it. 

3) I feel like therapy has made me a better person overall.

This young lady continues to seek help from a professional because it has helped her see and think differently during certain situations. It has also enabled her to live a fuller, more enjoyable life. Research has shown most people who seek help feel better afterward.

Mental Health issues are real, no matter how much one tries to suppress them. According to Mental Health America, there is no need to be ashamed; 1 out of 5 adults have a mental health condition, which translates to over 40 million people. Remember: a mental illness affects how we interact and relate with others, make decisions, and handle stress levels. 

For professional assistance with mental health, check out Mental Health America. 

If you have health insurance, look into your coverage to find out about deductibles and if you are covered to seek help from a mental health professional.


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