2018 Realization!

2019 is here and running! Meanwhile, I’m still reflecting on last year! 2018 was a year of realization for me. Life is strange, and it’s genuinely a journey, but every journey prepares you for whatever is coming next. Throughout the year, I had aw-ha moments which made me realize things such as self-determination, goal execution, friendships, money, and the list can go on.

I always knew I was a strong and highly educated black woman. However, one day I was dancing in my living room, by myself, to Grown Woman by Beyonce’ when I realized I’m A STRONG, HIGHLY EDUCATED, and AMBITIOUS BLACK WOMAN who always finds a way to make things happen. I have achieved several things I set out to do. However, sometimes I forget what it took for me and what I had to accomplish to get to where I am today. I know I’m not the only person who stresses when they are not where they want to be. But when stress starts to take over, I have to calm myself and look back on how far I’ve climbed to reach where I am today. That day in my living room, I threw away every excuse I gave myself for not going after my next dream/goal. There are several things listed on my dream wall waiting to come life so, I have a lot of work to do and no room for excuses. Besides, EXCUSES are tools of incompetence, and those who specialize in them seldom amount to anything.

One of the following biggest things I’ve learned throughout 2018 is that I can do anything I want to do with total effort and staying focused. In November of 2017, I set out to redesign and relaunch my blog for 2018, and I did that. It was not easy, but I was able to set goals and actually stick to them. Writer’s block is real, and it tried to hold me back but during those times I was able to have guest bloggers post while I rejuvenated and got my thoughts back together. There were times when I was afraid to post particular material; however, those were the things that received the most feedback. I will say in 2018, I’ve become more confident in my work.

Also, in 2018, I have learned I am not for everyone, and everyone is not for me. There are so many stories I can tell that brought me to the realization, but I don’t know those stories without hurting someone’s feelings (sad face). However, I will tell you that throughout the year, I’ve learned to accept others for who they are and love them from a distance. I’ve encountered one-sided friendships from people who wanted me to be there for them, but they were never there for me when I needed them to be. Believe it or not, if you ever encounter one-sided friendships, those friends may need you more than you need them, or they could be takers. Either way, you have to decide if you want to cut certain friends off or limit their access to you.

Throughout the year I’ve learned how to increase my savings, and that was not easy. I was not monitoring and keeping up with my spending the way I should have nor was I paying myself enough. Therefore, I decided not to take my last international trip in 2018. I placed the money I was going to use for the trip into my savings account. I even looked at my income to see what I should be able to save vs. what I was saving. After crunching numbers and cutting out unnecessary expenses, like app charges and membership charges, I increased my savings amount. For the reason that I was able to transfer money right away from my savings to my checking account, I started having my saving portion each pay period go direct-deposit to a savings account that is not linked to my checking account. My new method and finance plan really pushes me to stick to my budget and not overspend. I like money and I like spending it on vacations, FOOD, and all of the luxuries that makes me happy! I come to realize I can have more of what I enjoy if I come up with a better finance plan.

2018 was indeed the year I realized several things about myself which pushed me to change my ways a little. It was also filled with adventures to Los Angels, Las Vegas, Washington DC, weekend trips back to Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, day trips to museums, and probably a few other things and places I forgot to mention. Overall 2018 was a great year for me and I’m ecstatic to see what I can squeeze out of 2019. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year; I made a goal list that’s going to help me write the next chapter in my life.

I hope to continue my 2019 with all of the good things that has followed me into this New Year!


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