Bossed UP Featuring Tina D’Von

Tina D’Von is her own BOSS at The Skin Studio located in Cary, North Carolina! She is originally from Kinston, North Carolina, and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tina is passionate about everything she does! She holds a degree in Fashion and Marketing Merchandising from Bauder College and an Esthetic degree from Miller-Motte College.

Tina is a licensed and skilled esthetician for hair removal services such as Facial Services, Body Waxing, Bikini Services, Leg Waxing, and Arm Waxing. Tina decided to open her own waxing business after being terminated from a well-known waxing franchise. She didn’t let one setback keep her from following her dreams and doing something passionate about. Indeed, she was scared, but she’s a thinker and was able to come up with a game plan of owning her own skincare business.

Tina isn’t new to the entrepreneur lifestyle; before starting her business in North Carolina, she lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for 13 years, where she managed her online fashion boutique, KonTroversi! Her girl boss ambition leads her to style several models for photoshoots and to work behind the scenes at fashion shows, all while still running her online business and working in the medical field as a nurse. During Tina’s time in the medical area, she developed an interest in skincare which is what created her interest in Esthetics.

After moving home to North Carolina, she started studying Esthetics and working at a well-known wax franchise. Tina’s studies at school and her work experience allowed her to learn first-hand about the daily business of keeping books, increasing clientele, and skincare. Tina continues to educate herself through workshops, trade shows, and networking events. She’s also pushing to “provide and educate” her clients the best way she can.

We love Tina’s ambitious Bossed UP moves! She’s passionate about her business and making moves to accomplish all her goals!

Tina D’Von answered some questions for us; find out what this girl BOSS had to say!

Photo Credit: The Skin Studio by Tina D’Von

Qualatrice: How long did you work for a company before you developed your own business?

Tina: I worked within a different company for approximately two years. During my time there, I perfected my skills which lead me to create my Signature Wax Technique.

Qualatrice: What or who inspired you to build your dreams?

Tina: My father keeps me inspired. My father was a hard worker who constantly pushed us to work hard and pursue our dreams. May he Rest In Peace.

Qualatrice: What do you love about working in the waxing business?

Tina: I ABSOLUTELY love educating my clients. I educate them on proper hair removal, the importance of consistency and the prevention of ingrown hair.

Qualatrice: What’s your company’s value and purpose?

Tina: It’s our mission to provide expert waxing services to our clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting. We are committed to delivering at-home regimens for the Supreme Wax Experience. We combine this with performing our craft exceptionally well, leaving our clients with Flawless Brows and Ultra Smooth Skin.

Qualatrice: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Tina: Patience!

Qualatrice: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue entrepreneurship?

Tina: Work hard, don’t be afraid, ask questions, read as much as you can, commit yourself to lifelong learning, leverage your strengths, develop and maintain empathy personally and professionally, and pursue what you want to do. NEVER give UP!

Qualatrice: Would you want to expand your business beyond the Cary/Raleigh, North Carolina area?

Tina: Absolutely, I have put some thought into it. I would love to expand my business by building a team. My goal is to educate others to do what I do in the skincare business and launch my products.

Qualatrice: What inspired you to start your own line of products?

Tina: I wanted to create some natural products for the intimate areas that really work. I started working with different t ingredients and creating samples in December 2017. Today I have five different products, with more to come later this year once I expand my menu to vagicals and facials.


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