4 Things That Helps To Keep a Full Cup

You must take care of yourself  before you can take care of someone else. Doing so, can be ensuring you are in a good head space to pour into someone else’s life. Remember it is OK to take a break! 

This topic has been on my mind for some weeks now. While having a girl chat with a best-friend of mine we discussed the importance of taking care of ourselves so we can be well for others: MORE SELF CARE.

At one point I felt myself getting burned out and needed to refill. I enjoy writing, developing content, interviewing and anything that inspire others to follow his or her dreams so, I had to take time to fill up my personal cup. Giving my best self to my readers and my team is very important. My work requires me to interact with people everyday/all day; I needed to be sure that I was well enough to lead my team with a clear mind and write with a sound mind so I took a few weeks off work and writing.

I took three weeks off from posting on “I Journi Blog” and I took two vacation weeks off from my full-time job, all within two months of each other. Believe it or not, but during those vacation weeks I did not leave the country or travel too far away from the east coast. This time around was all about taking care of my health mentally, physically, and emotionally

A few methods that helped me to refill my cup:

  1. Changing up my eating habits! Somewhere within the past year I started eating more fast food especially during my lunch  break and breakfast. At one point I was good about meal prepping and making sure I gave myself enough time to prepare and eat breakfast before starting my day. During my entire rejuvenating stage, I forced myself to grocery shop more and prepare meals a long with buying my fruits and vegetables to snack on throughout the day. It felt so good to eat healthier and be prepared for the day with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. Jumping back into running! I am slowly easing back into running my 3 miles each time I go for a run. North Carolina have so many amazing nature parks and trails for me to take advantage of. Running started being my stress reliever when I was in high school and it  continues to be. It’s almost like a fast adrenaline rush! Every now and then I slack but, I push myself to keep going. If I don’t feel like running, I go for a walk. You have to keep moving because a clear mind gives you a different point of view than a crowded and cloudy mind.
  3. Visit home more. I realized I enjoy being home in South Carolina for the beach, my family, and my friends. When visiting South Carolina I am surrounded by several individuals who keeps me motivated and pushing towards my  aspirations in life. I enjoy hanging out with my day one friends and spending time with my nieces, nephews and little cousins; they are all growing up so fast and I’m trying not to miss too much.
  4. Get More Sleep! During my time off I slept more and did not set an alarm clock. For someone who works in the corporate world, my work day is scheduled and planned for me. During my time off I enjoyed not waking up to an alarm clock. Without an alarm set my body naturally wakes up between 8 am and 9 am. Plus more hours of sleep tends to help me function better during the day! Lack of sleep tends to have an effect on one’s mood and cause a negative impact on the body!

Sometimes things can become stressful and overwhelming when we are constantly on the go with no breaks. For someone  who is leading, inspiring,  and developing others, self care is extremely important. Sometimes those who are strong for others do not like to show any signs of weakness however, holding things in can be overwhelming at times and will eventually cause a breakdown. In order to avoid the negative effectiveness of stress it is always best to find and make time for yourself.

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