Discovering Historic Yates Mill Park

For anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet moment and get away from their day-to-day hustle and bustle, Historic Yates Mill County Park is the place. The park is very calming, with a lot of history located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Quick Facts

Historic Yates Mill County Park is a US National Historic Site. It’s also the only operable water-powered mill in its region. The park preserves the agricultural heritage and environment of 174 acres. When the mill was first developed, it produced corn mill, lumber, wool, and wheat. Since being built close to 1756, the mill and land were owned by several different people. It was initially given to Samuel Pearson by Earl of Granville; today, it is owned by North Carolina State University but is managed and operated by Wake County. The park offers nature trails for hiking, educational resources through the on-site museum, and fishing to all visitors provided by North Carolina State University.

Why I Visited The Park

I visited the mill to relax and take in new scenery! The beach usually is my go-to place, but being two hours and a half away from the beach doesn’t make it a quick turnaround trip. Therefore, taking on the lakes, ponds, and nature trails has become my thing since moving to North Carolina! I usually google “parks near me” or “nature trails in Raleigh” to find new locations for hiking and trail runs/walks.

What I Enjoyed

I enjoyed the park is the view of the lake from the bridge and nature trail. The walk on the trail was very calming and refreshing for me. The only noise I heard was birds chirping and quick rustling in the woods by small animals chasing one another or just going about their routine in life. I saw wildlife such as squirrels, turtles, and different types of birds enjoying their natural habitat undisturbed. Everything was green and gorgeous; however, the walk had to end because my allergies started to react from being surrounded by so much pollen and trees.

The old mill was an incredible thing to view. I love historical buildings and areas because they have a story with so much character; Yates Mill stands from unfinished wood, cobblestones, and steal. It would have been nice to view the inside of the mill, but I could not tour the inside because I went on a day that tours are not made available.

Tours are typically made available starting on certain days in the Spring up until the fall. If you enjoy being outside and learning about historical places, give Historic Yates Mill County Park a try.

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