Dear Sis, You Have The Power!

Dear Sis,

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. You have the power to change the world in so many ways. You may be afraid of failure, and that’s OKAY! Sometimes you have to do it wrong to get it right! Those who succeed never get it entirely right the first time. Everything takes time, no matter what it is.

Things will unfold exactly how you want them to and exactly the way they should when you stay true to your purpose and self! One thing to remember is hard work and consistency are the keys. It can become challenging when there are many things to execute; staying focused will keep the flow going.

Many things will hinder you from staying focused, but you must find a way to keep your dream alive and thriving!

As a young girl, one of my aunties told me if I wanted something, I needed to put my shyness to the side, speak up and go after what I wanted. Auntie spoke the truth! You can not be timid when it comes to getting what you desire. So many things happen outside of the comfort zone! It’s up to you to knock down the barriers in front of you and get started on crushing goals and making dreams come true. Your dreams and your goals are entirely up to you to accomplish, not your best friend, parents, siblings, professors, or mentor! These people can push you, motivate you, listen to you, and support you; however, everything is up to you to execute and kick ass doing it!

Your strength and your inner power will keep you grounded and motivated to keep going. You’re an intelligent individual, and you know what it takes to make things happen. You have to do it!

Yours Truly,


“You Have The Power”


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