9 Simple Things To Do At Home To Keep You Busy During COVID-19

The world has been asked to practice social distancing to stop and slow the spread of COVID -19 (coronavirus). However, social distancing might be hard for some especially the extroverts who are so use to being around their friends and extended family.

For those who are struggling or just need new ideas to stay busy during this time a short list has been created to help you out!

1. Have Virtual Dates/Meet Ups!

Schedule a Face-time/video date with a friend or even a group of friends. You all may not be in the same room with each other but at least you will be in each other’s presence. Before the stay at home order, I have a few friends who I schedule catch up dates with on a regular due to us having very busy and different schedules. These dates really help on my end to  keep me from feeling isolated from my friends especially the ones who live far away.

2. Read!

Now would be a perfect time to read the book you have been wanting to read but couldn’t find the time to do it. If you have been wanting to develop the habit of reading different books this could also be a good time to explore different genres and topics that interest you. Your public library could be closed during this time but you can always look for an e-copy online. Almost every book in this time is digital which will allow you to read it from a tablet, your mobile device or computer.

3. Try meditating or completing an at home workout 2-5 times out of the week!

Working out is known to help reduce stress so, why not decrease your stress levels and get fit at the same time. Being on a stay at home order has closed gyms across the world leaving you to come up with alternative ways to get in a nice workout. One way to stay fit is to utilize a fitness app. The 30 day work out challenge app is free and one of my favorite apps to use! If you’re on social media there are several fitness gurus who give out free workout plans to their followers. For example, I follow Massy Arias on Instagram (IG) and she is a beast! She shares a variety of different workouts for at home and in the gym along with a few meal ideas. One of my new and favorite fitness gurus on IG is Jasmine, a fitness coach from Chicago. If you need a little guidance please check them out to help you get started!

4. Start That New Project!

As a creative, personal projects sometimes get pushed to the side when you’re busy trying to get things done for your clients. Now is a perfect time to refocus, brainstorm, bounce ideas around with your friends and develop new and exciting projects. Another idea is to take an online seminar or workshop to help enhance your skills or to gain a new skill.  Due to the limitation on social gatherings several businesses/entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to create virtual workshops to supplement not being able to have live and in person events.  Hubspot Academy is a great online platform to look into for several marketing creatives. BlkWomenHustle is a great networking platform for entrepreneurs and all creative women to explore. You can find several more options throughout variety of social media platforms or even through googling.

5. Binge Watch A Show!

Take some time to binge watch a series you have been wanting to watch but haven’t had the time to actually do so. There are several streaming networks like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and Spectrum which will allow you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. With Spectrum you will need to have an account with the company to utilize it. If you don’t already have Netflix, Hulu or Disney+, these streaming networks are very inexpensive. If you have an unlimited data plan with your cell phone company you may have a free subscription to one of these streaming channels. For example, I have unlimited data with Sprint which comes with a free Hulu subscription. Therefore, look into your cellphone plans and see what’s available to you. Or…..ask a friend if you can use his or her account to watch a few shows!

6. Re-organize your closets!

Because of the daily hustle and bustle you can accumulate several things that’s being shoved in the closet of your bedroom, hallway, bathroom and wherever else in your home that can hide extra things! It can be overwhelming just thinking about tackling a closet but the best thing to do is, JUST START!

If you need ideas on how to reorganize, Pinterest seems to be the go to place these days for DIY projects. While organizing don’t forget to downsize and donate/sell the things you no longer have a use for. If you haven’t used or worn it in over a year get rid of it. If it doesn’t serve a purpose anymore, tell it GOODBYE.

7. Try New Recipes!

You will be inside a lot especially since restaurants have closed their dining areas and only accepting pick-up and drive through services. You can use this time to experiment in the kitchen and try something different. Keep in mind the internet can be your friend when you want to learn how to do something.

 8. Dedicate time!

If you’re a parent, dedicate some time outside of school work and tutoring to have a little fun with the kids. You can work on a project together like gardening, arts and crafts, redecorating their room and/or cooking. TikTok has become very popular during this quarantine so why not join in on the fun. If you have a projector you can plan a movie night in the backyard. Family game night will be another fun thing to incorporate into your new daily routine. Sometimes work-life, school and other engagements can take away from the time spent at home as a family so I’m pretty sure a little family fun would be good for everyone.

9. Just Relax! Stay Home! Stay Healthy 


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