Five Places I Want To Visit

1.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands: I watch HGTV on a regular, especially International House Hunters! On television Amsterdam appear to be a quaint area with a deep history. When I get the chance to visit Amsterdam, I would love to stay on the canal and near the heart of town. I want to explore the city by foot or bicycle and be close to local shops and eateries. A few places on my radar to visit are the House of Anne Frank, The Purse and Bag Museum, and one of the several Art & History Museums.

2. Tuscany, Italy: After watching “Under The Tuscany Sun,” I have had the desire to travel to Tuscany. In the movie, the main character stepped out of her comfort zone. She purchased a historical home in a foreign country and built a new life for herself.

3. Hawaii, US: I want to visit Hawaii because it appears to be a beautiful location, well it looks gorgeous from photos. The beach is my favorite place to be in the world, and Hawaii is a string of islands with several beaches to explore.

4. St. Augustine, Florida: Ever since I learned that St Augustine is the oldest city in the US, I have become intrigued with exploring the city. There’s no particular place I want to visit while I am there; I want to explore the area, eat good food, and take several photos along the way.

5. London, UK: I would love to visit London during the winter. I know the weather is much colder than in the Carolinas, but I believe it will be a fantastic sight to see the Christmas lights and the historic buildings of London in the winter. Another reason is that London is filled with several art museums and historical places I would love to visit.


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