Five Places I Want To Visit

1.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands: I watch HGTV on a regular, especially International House Hunters! On television Amsterdam appear to be a quaint area with a deep history. When I do get the chance to visit Amsterdam, I would love to stay on the canal and near the heart of town. I want to explore the town by foot or bicycle and be close to local shops and eateries. A few places on my radar to visit is the House of Anne Frank, The Purse and Bag Museum, and one of the several Art & History Museums.

2. Tuscany, Italy: After watching “Under The Tuscany Sun” I have had the desire to travel to Tuscany. In the movie the main character stepped out of her comfort zone. She purchased an historical home in a foreign country and built a new life for herself.

3. Hawaii, US: I want to visit Hawaii because it appears to be a beautiful location, well it looks gorgeous from photos. The beach is my favorite place to be in the world and Hawaii is a string of islands with several beaches to explore.

4. St. Augustine, Florida: Every since I learned that St Augustine is the oldest city in the US I have become intrigued with exploring the city. There’s no particular place I want to visit while I am there; I just want to explore the area, eat good food, and take several photos a long the way.

5. London, UK: I would love to visit London during the winter. I know the weather is much colder compared to the Carolinas but I believe it will be an amazing site to see the Christmas lights and the historical buildings of London in the winter. Another reason is because London is filled with several art museums and historical places I would love to visit.

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