Journi’s Motivation: Your Vision

For a vision to manifest and become transparent, you have to put in the work and give it the effort it needs. Do something every day that’s going to help that vision become transparent as glass. The new year is coming, so maybe creating a vision board and then hanging it somewhere you will always be able to have it in your view: office area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, classroom, etc.
Some people’s vision goes to waste because they don’t put in the effort or get stuck in a comfort zone and are afraid of rejection. News flash, the only rejection that should be on your mind is you the rejection you will be giving yourself because of the negative thought you put in the front of your thoughts instead of the positive ones. If you’re one of those people who always think, what if something doesn’t go right? Start thinking, what if things do go right. Therefore, get to work! If you’re able to manifest your vision, share your vision with other people, oh what a difference it will make in their life and yours. Again, get to work.


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