Journi’s Motivation: Energy

Energy fuels our life making it one of the most important aspects of living. Therefore, you must always protect your energy. There is a saying, “time is of the essence,” however, your energy is also of the essence. What you decide to pour your energy into has to recharge you.

Think about it; if you’re constantly pouring your energy into something without being recharged, you will eventually be of no use. Yes, you can recharge your energy on your own by doing things that bring you joy and make you happy; however, once you start pouring back into things that are not helping you refuel, you will feel drained.

Choose wisely how you use your energy. It’s a powerful source, and it can change within seconds if it’s not defended.

On a personal note:
I was recently challenged to choose how I use my energy, and believe me, it has not been a walk in the park, but I am making transitions. I am learning it’s ok to change my mind, it’s ok to take a day off, it’s ok to make myself a priority, it’s ok to want to be alone, and it’s ok not to be ok.
My energy is of the essence, and so is yours!


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