3 Local Coffee Shops I love

I admit that I am an avid coffee drink. I love the taste, and I am always on the lookout for small coffee shops. Three local places that I have discovered are Smelly Cats CoffeeAversboro Coffee, and Morning Times.

Smelly Cat Coffee (I love the name, it’s very creative) is a coffee shop located in the NoDa Community of Charlotte, NC; NoDa is Charlotte’s arts and entertainment district. The shop roasts their own coffee, and it is delicious. My first drink was a caramel Frappe”. I discovered the coffee shop with my best friend. However, I could not leave without seeing my best friend. I told my best friend I needed coffee before I got on the road to travel back to Raleigh, NC, and she randomly found Smelly Cat through google. We awed at the outside lounge area as we walked up to the door. There was a second awe when we saw the inside decor. The atmosphere was very relaxing and calming.

Aversboro Coffee was the first coffee shop I came to love when I moved to the Raleigh area in 2015. The coffee shop is in Garner, NC. The environment is very quaint and relaxing; the staff is always pleasant. The coffee shop hosts various events from open mic night, poetry night and live music for those who love coffee, arts, and entertainment. My go-to drink is the caramel macchiato, which I like better than Starbucks when it comes to ordering coffee. For those who would like a drink without caffeine, you have the option of ordering a smoothie or hot chocolate.

Morning Times is an excellent location for group meetings and business events. Downstairs is cramped but upstairs has a vintage art gallery vibe with long tables for a group gathering or just a coffee meetup with a friend for chatting and catching up. There is outside sitting for those who would love to relax and enjoy the sunlight and Downtown Raleigh’s retro vibe. In my first experience there, I got a caramel latte for my drink, and it was soothing and very flavorful. For a snack, I ordered an egg and cheese biscuit to hold me over until dinner.

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