About I Journi

I Journi is a lifestyle, travel, and inspirational digital media platform that empowers and encourages others to pursue their passions and dreams. We highlight and share stories of outstanding individuals, brands, and lifestyle events that positively impact communities.
We aim to spread more positivity, motivation and to give our readers worldwide the push they need to do what they have a passion for. Sometimes all it takes is that one inspiring story to give someone else the necessary push to step outside of the comfort zone.

Meet Qualatrice

Qualatrice is a person of many hats; she’s a Professional Writer, Luxury Retail and Social Marketing Manager, and Brand Influencer. Her goal and dreams are to expand I Journi beyond the East Coast/Carolinas to create more positive and motivating stories in the atmosphere. 

Her passion for writing started at a young age when she was introduced to expressing herself through writing by a school administrator who has turned into a lifelong friend. 

Qualatrice received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Coastal Carolina University (CCU) and obtained a Social Marketing certification from Hootsuite Academy. During her undergraduate experience at CCU, she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Qualashan hones her writing skills through freelance writing and marketing jobs. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, she immediately obtained a position with Fuel Interactive agency as an intern for MyrtleBeach.com, where she curated and managed web content and advertisements for special events throughout Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand areas.

In 2015 she revamped her original blog, Live Love Life with Qualatrice, and launched I Journi. She believes more media platforms should spread positivity, motivation, and inspirational stories to make a difference.

What People Say

Insightfully Interesting

Toro Hemingway

I absolutely love this!! It’s so inspirational!! I agree transparency is key!!

Jennifer H.

Love this quote! To get started for the day, thank you

Elsie Mufuka

Let’s build something together.

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