Bossed UP featuring Tina D’Von

Tina D’Von is her own BOSS at The Skin Studio located in Cary, North Carolina! She is originally from Kinston, North Carolina and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tina is passionate about everything she does! She holds a degree in Fashion and Marketing Merchandising from Bauder College and an Esthetic degree from Miller-Motte College.

Tina is a licensed and skilled esthtician for hair removal services such as Facial Services, Body Waxing, Bikini Services, Leg Waxing, and Arm Waxing. Tina decided to open her own waxing business after being terminated from a well- known waxing franchise. She didn’t let one set back keep her from following her dreams and doing something she is passionate about. Indeed, she was scared, but she’s a thinker and was able to come up with a game plan of owning her own skin care business.

Tina isn’t new to the entrepreneur lifestyle; before starting her business in North Carolina, she lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 13 years where she managed her online fashion boutique, KonTroversi! Her girl boss ambition lead her to styling several models for photoshoots and working behind scenes at fashion shows all while still running her online business and working in the medical field as a nurse. During Tina’s time in the medical field she developed interest in skin care which is what developed her interest in Esthetics.

After moving home to North Carolina, she started studying Esthetics and working at a well-known wax franchise. Tina’s studies at school and her work experience allowed her to learn first-hand about the daily business of keeping books, increasing clientele and skin care. Tina continues to educate herself through workshops, trade shows, and networking events. She’s also pushing to “provide and educate” her clients the best way she can.

We love Tina’s ambitious Bossed UP moves! She’s passionate about her business and making moves to accomplish all her goals!

Tina D’Von answered some questions for us; find out what this girl BOSS had to say!

Photo Credit: The Skin Studio by Tina D’Von

Qualatrice: How long did you work for a company before you developed your own business?

Tina: I worked within a different company for approximately two years. During my time there I perfected my skills which lead me to create my own Signature Wax Technique.

Qualatrice: What or who inspired you to build your dreams?

Tina: My father keeps me inspired. My father was a hard worker who constantly pushed us to work hard and pursue our dreams. May he Rest In Peace.

Qualatrice: What do you love about working in the waxing business?

Tina: I ABSOLUTELY love educating my clients. I educate them on proper hair removal, the importance of consistency and the prevention of ingrown hair.

Qualatrice: What’s your company’s value and purpose?

Tina: It’s our mission to provide expert waxing services to our clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting. We are committed to providing at-home regimens for the Supreme Wax Experience . We combine this with performing our craft exceptionally well, leaving our clients with Flawless Brows and Ultra Smooth Skin.

Qualatrice: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Tina: Patience!

Qualatrice: What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue entrepreneurship?

Tina: Work hard, don’t be afraid, ask questions, read as much as you can, commit yourself to lifelong learning, leverage your strengths, develop and maintain empathy personally and professionally, and pursue what you wanna do. Just NEVER give UP!

Qualatrice: Would you want to expand your business beyond the Cary/Raleigh North Carolina area?

Tina: Absolutely, I have put some thought into it. I would love to expand my business by building a team. My goal is to educate others to do what I do in the skin care business and launch my own products.

Qualatrice: What inspired you to start your own line of products?

Tina: I wanted to create some natural products for the intimate areas that really work. I started working with different t ingredient and creating samples in December 2017. Today I have 5 different products with more to come later this year once I expand my menu to vagicals and facials.


Under 30 Experiences Fueled My Life

My first adventure to Costa Rica was with Under 30 Experiences ( U30X) which was unforgettable and a feeling that is almost indescribably. Because I decided to travel with U30X all the planning was done for me, I meet new people, and I was able to awaken emotions/feelings that I have been sleeping on.

The travel company basically took all of the stress and tasks away from planning my own trip. Everyday was filled with exciting places to eat, gorgeous views, and outdoor adrenaline packed activities. Some of those activities included zip lining through the rain forest with Sky Adventure, relaxing in the hot springs, hiking up mountains, visiting secret beaches, repelling down water falls with Quepos Canyoning, kayaking, water rafting, yoga, and exploring city areas.

U30X gave me the chance to travel with liked minded individuals between the ages of 21-35 who enjoy traveling and experiencing new places, foods, and activities just as much as I do, all of which, I meet upon my arrival in Costa Rica. The company encourages others to travel solo to help with stepping outside of ones comfort zone. The people I meet were from several parts of the world such as Chicago, California, Italy, New York, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Washington, Florida, and Costa Rica. I thought it was going to be hard to meet and connect with strangers but sharing the experience we were all receiving made it hard to be shy and and not socialize with each other. I even went on the trip with an injury and everyone was so helpful and thoughtful. I was amazed and thankful that people I just meet helped me up hills/mountains when they could have just left me behind. A new friend, who was very helpful with helping me get around, introduced me to a new way of cultivating my ideas and clearing out bad habits to make room for new beginnings through a moon ceremony which was very motivating and filled with women empowerment.

I allowed for my first U30X to Coasta Rica take me outside of my comfort zone and fuel my life by trying new things like repelling down an actual water fall and sharing my inner feelings through conversations with understanding individuals. Midway through the trip I had a moment when I sat a lone in my bungalow thinking and really searching within myself to gain better understanding of my passions, finding love within myself and others, and just living a Pura Vida lifestyle. During the Cocal community cooking experience I really reflected back on the things I have accomplished in life and the things I want to accomplish. During the experience I had a moment where I walked down to the ocean and my deepest thoughts took over until I heared a little voice screaming “Muchacha!” I was a little girl waving her arms for me to walk towards her to come see what she found in sand and then to join her on the playground.

When interacting with the children on the playground I went back into deep thoughts about my childhood dreams to become a teacher and a writer. Every now and then I feel guilty for staying in the retail instead of going straight into grad school for a MAT program. However, U30X made me realize I continue to do what I do because I am shaping and developing others in several ways outside of a classroom through mentoring, inspiring and blogging. From having personal conversations with others and trying new things the entire experience kind of awoken me in a way to keep going and pushing even harder to accomplish things I want to see happen.

Traveling with Under 30 Experiences gave me adventures and stories I will forever share with anyone who will listen. They even gave me a reality-check and reminded me of the things that makes me happy and the process it took for me to get to where I am. To some traveling may just be something to do because its Spring break, Summer break, Fall Break, Holiday Break and etc but for me, its a time to enjoy the little things in life: mother nature, taking chances, experiencing new things, building relationships and the list can possibly go on. Traveling fuels my life and I hope to fuel someone’s life by sharing my experiences.

Comfort Zone

There is so much waiting for you outside of your comfort zone! Sometimes we get so complacent in our current position and let fear of failure keep us from going after things that we want. However, once you step outside of your comfort zone you will be fueled with ambition, motivation, and fearless behaviors. Take chances, push yourself, and stay focused on your goals. The comfort zone is not for you. Period!

Searching Within You!

One night in Costa Rica my thoughts were every where as I swung back and forth in my hammock. I reflected on my day and how I wished I had a few more days at the lovely bungalow at Rancho Margot. My thoughts went from what I did that day, when will I visit the lovely Costa Rica again, my love life, my career, family, and my future. My thoughts started racing so much that I placed them on paper, and I now I want to share them with you…

This is wh
ere I sat in the middle of the night writing.

Sometimes in life we tend to go searching for things or people to fill a void; however, filling our void with the wrong things or people can be toxic. One’s void will only be filled when there is an understanding of oneself, which is very important.

It’s important to search within yourself so you can understand and know YOU better. When you are able to search within yourself, you get to know your fears, your likes, dislikes, your tolerance level, strengths, weaknesses, desires and a lot more.

Using myself as a example, at one point in my life I was trying to fill a void through other people, but I was finding myself bringing toxic energy into my life. Therefore, I started focusing on me and searching within myself to figure out what really drives me. I started stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to find what I was missing. At one point, I thought I needed love and support from a lover, but the true desire was more of self- love and respect for myself.

Being able to find exactly what is missing can come from doing more things one enjoys or aiming towards one’s goals. When I personally started searching within myself and doing more things that dealt with traveling, exercise, writing, teaching, and helping others develop in areas he or she desires, I started to fill my glass. You know, the glass people always try to fill so they can have a glass to pour from. You know like the quote, “you can’t pour from an empty glass.” I do believe everything takes time. When it comes to searching within and understanding one self, it takes as much patience as it would when you’re trying to accomplish a goal or getting to know someone new.

Having patience requires anyone to continue to learn and understand themselves and the things around them. Searching within will not just give a better understanding of self, but it will drive the self-love that’s WITHIN!

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2018 Realization!

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Must See Mexico City: 10 Days in a Culture Capital by Danna Sweidan

Before we go over the itinerary that Sam and I used, I’d like to give five general tips about traveling to Mexico City too.

Tip 1.

The weather is mostly mild and sunny year round, but the altitude (over 7000 ft above sea level) means it’s windy and sudden storms can take you by surprise— bring easy layers and comfortable tennis shoes.

Tip 2.

Don’t try to dress down here. By all means wear whatever you please, but know that Mexico City is very well dressed, basically everywhere. The only place I didn’t see blazers was hiking Teotihuacan’s pyramids.

Tip 3.

Many restaurants are wonderful here, but the magic is in the carts. Almost every street cart and bodega is making delicious, fresh meats and tortas. You’ll see tents full of suited lunch break bankers sitting on plastic stools huddled over a plate of steaming al pastor tacos. Trust these tents, and walk up to them as often if not more than you would Yelp a place first.

Tip 4.

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Start Today!

Your tomorrow starts today.

We sometimes let our busy schedules and/or tiredness interfere with getting certain things done. We will put things off until tomorrow however, when tomorrow arrives it’s always “tomorrow!”

If there is something you can complete today, DO IT!

The longer you push it off the longer it will take to accomplish.