Daily Quote: Don’t be afraid to open up and bloom!


Daily Quote: Love, Live, Life

Daily Quote: Heart Desire

Some say follow your heart, but what if what your heart desires isn’t what’s meant for you? 

No Matter What!

No matter how hard things may seem continue to aim high because success is closer than it may seem.

Just another day at work!!

Daily Quote

Things may get hard at times but that does not mean you can’t break through them.

No Regrets

While living in the moment have no regrets.

Quala and Leah’s Random Moments: Clip 1

It was the second day in Paris, France and we got left by our tour group. I don’t think the day was that bad. I actually enjoyed myself. This is only a clip.

Daily Quote: Originality

Just because everyone else is doing it that doesn’t mean you have to do it. Originality is exclusive and can’t nobody do it like you.