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The Importance of Travel and Mental Health by Tabitha James

Let’s face it, life is demanding – work, family, bills, organizational commitments, social life (ha) – we spend a lot of time doing “the things”. Our personal wellness and mental health often fall victim to neglect as we focus on getting “the things” done and maintaining the moving parts of life. For many, the thought of travel is a luxury, an illusion that time away from “the things” will be relaxing and refreshing however the lingering notion that there is no time for vacation haunts the mind. Continue reading “The Importance of Travel and Mental Health by Tabitha James”

Dear Sis: Be Bold

Dear Sis Dare to be different, dare to be BOLD!

Being bold is being confident in whatever you do or say. Being bold is having the courage to do something outside of your comfort zone  or just doing something you may be afraid  or uncomfortable at doing.  Being bold is taking risks in life. All of these charters link together  making you the BOLD TYPE.

Continue reading “Dear Sis: Be Bold”

Bossed UP ft. Domonique Janaya

She Slay, Pray, and Proceed!  She is a Girl Boss to be reckoned with!

Meet Domonique Janaya a creative self-starter in all things from Charleston, South Carolina. She’s a very spiritual and influential individual who really steps out on faith to make her dreams and goals come true. This entrepreneur is Bossed UP and on her grind to grow her brand.  Continue reading “Bossed UP ft. Domonique Janaya”

Cellphone Frantic

When I leave my home the first things I always make sure I have with me is my cell phone, car and house keys, chap stick/lip gloss, hand lotion, and my wallet. Yesterday morning I was in a rush to leave my home and didn’t realize that I left my cellphone on the kitchen table. Without my cell I get in a frantic mode. It is because I check my email, social sites, text messaging, make phone calls, and use my mobile GPS. I started a internship yesterday morning as a Communication Intern writing web content and I was almost late because I didn’t have my GPS. I couldn’t remember how to get to my destined location. I drove around about 5-10 minutes before I realize I was passing the my destined building over and over. If I had my cell phone I would have been there on time.However, if I would have paid attention to street signs and landmarks I would have been able to find my way as well. The cell phone is multipurpose hand held device. I don’t leave my house without it however, I survived yesterday without it. Today I was able to give someone else directions to the same location without even using my GPS.