Journi’s Motivation

When you start letting go of things that’s hindering you from moving forward you will feel better within! Access to locked doors and new destinations will be granted during the process.

Sometimes things will happen when you least expect them to: sometimes good, sometimes bad.

What really matters is how you handle yourself when the unexpected happens.

Believe it or not you can be blocking your own happiness and blessings in life. You will miss out on a lot in life if you don’t let go of things that’s constantly pulling you down, taking you back to old places, and experiencing the same pain over and over.

Life is too short and there’s so much to experience!

Start enjoying life’s Journey!

Cellphone Frantic

When I leave my home the first things I always make sure I have with me is my cell phone, car and house keys, chap stick/lip gloss, hand lotion, and my wallet. Yesterday morning I was in a rush to leave my home and didn’t realize that I left my cellphone on the kitchen table. Without my cell I get in a frantic mode. It is because I check my email, social sites, text messaging, make phone calls, and use my mobile GPS. I started a internship yesterday morning as a Communication Intern writing web content and I was almost late because I didn’t have my GPS. I couldn’t remember how to get to my destined location. I drove around about 5-10 minutes before I realize I was passing the my destined building over and over. If I had my cell phone I would have been there on time.However, if I would have paid attention to street signs and landmarks I would have been able to find my way as well. The cell phone is multipurpose hand held device. I don’t leave my house without it however, I survived yesterday without it. Today I was able to give someone else directions to the same location without even using my GPS.

I’m A Prezi User!!

The day of my discussion, on Physical Evidence written by Kelly Grey Carlisle, class was canceled. Class was redirected to blackboard and I had to give a virtual presentation. 

Fascinated by one my classmate’s presentation created with Prezi, I decided to give it a try instead of creating a power point. I think I created and deleted my presentation a total of 4 times before I finally figured out how use Prezi. I admit I am impressed with my first attempt to use Prezi. Check it out!

.prezi-player { width: 520px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }

Job Search and Life!!!

I must admit that I feel like a slacker. Earlier this school year, I visited my campus’s career service facility to have a resume critique. During my visit, the counselor I was working with asked me many questions that made me nervous about graduating. She asked me how many jobs have I applied for, what kind of web pages am I using, what are my plans after graduation, and what kind of jobs am I looking into. Immediately, I started to fill overwhelmed because I was taking each day as it came.
The career counselor informed me that the college student who graduates and instantly began working within his or her career path normally applies for 50 plus jobs during the school year. Why did she tell me that! I right away began to panic because, it was November and I was preparing my resume for the first job I was applying for since the school year started. Who knew applying for jobs was going to be a stressful thing. I am very nervous because I admit that I don’t know exactly where my career is headed.
I enjoy working with children and I would love to become a teacher or operate my own nonprofit organization for the youth. I also have a strong desire to write. I was in the tenth grade when I told my English teacher, at that time, that I was going to write a book. I still have plans to do that. I want to be a writer and an educator. Therefore, I have to decide which path to take and which path to place on temporary hold. Or, I might be able to make them both happen at once with a little more dedication and determination.
As for now, I am searching for jobs and internships that can help build my experience in the writing/editorial field. So far I have applied for three jobs and graduation is one month away. I am going to pull out my hair! I am nervous and the closer May approaches I become anxious. I spend random times at night searching for jobs that I think are suitable but I as mentioned, I only successfully completed three submissions.
I am going to strive to do better. I am the resource and guide for my success and; if I want to accomplish my dreams I have to put a little more work into this job hunt than I have been putting in. Indeed, when I feel like giving up, I quickly remember why I held on for so long. I am going places, watch me work.

The one thing I know for sure about my future is that the Monday following graduation I am completing my last English class. And then in June I am headed to France and Spain with my best friend and a large group of students, faculty members, and their friends and family. I am very excited and cannot wait for this trip. When I return, I have a year to get right for graduate school and work on my career as a writer and educator.