Shawnte’ Hernton Wardrobe Consultant turned Business Consultant

Shawnte’ Hernton has expanded her business and is now helping women of color structure their businesses. Shawnte’s mission is to assist in alleviating the financial stress of running a business by helping establish a foundation through grants and building business credit.

She continuously educates herself to enhance and build her knowledge in constructing businesses. When she is not focused on her business, she takes pride in spending time with her family. 

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Bossed UP Featuring Robert Harris

Being Bossed Up is all about following your dreams and crushing your goals.
I’d like for you to meet Robert Harris; he’s an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Originally from Rock Hill, South Carolina, and currently living in Conway, South Carolina, he attended Coastal Carolina University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Music. Throughout college, he learned how to network, communicate and build his business skills.

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Bossed UP Featuring Genesis

Genesis is a Singer, Songwriter, and Motivational speaker following her calling and staying BOSSED UP! Genesis calls Atlanta home, but she currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina, where she is constantly on the go. Like any other average person, she works throughout the day and is continually building her brand throughout her free time. Before I meet Genesis, I heard a poem she had written, and I thought it was pretty dope. Before pursuing a career in singing, Genesis was a spoken word artist under Miss Understood for three years.  Continue reading “Bossed UP Featuring Genesis”

Bossed UP Featuring Domonique Janaya

She Slay, Pray, and Proceed! She is a Girl Boss to be reckoned with! Meet Domonique Janaya, a creative self-starter in all things from Charleston, South Carolina. She’s a very spiritual and influential individual who steps out on faith to make her dreams and goals come true. This entrepreneur is Bossed UP and on her grind to grow her brand.  When Domonique graduated from undergrad, she … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Domonique Janaya

Bossed UP Featuring Elsie Mufuka

Meet Dance professional Elsie Mufuka from Gardens Corner, South Carolina! She is the creative director and owner of MufukaWorks Dance Company, an Afro Russe Dance Company that uses Dance to tell stories. Elsie attended Coker College, where she studied Dance. After college, she received several opportunities to travel, Dance, lead, and teach. One of Elsie’s opportunities and adventures lead her to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she danced … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Elsie Mufuka

Bossed UP Featuring Ciera Young

Ciera Young is a BOSS, and she knows it! She is a freelance photographer, certified MUA, Owner of FanCee The Brand, newly published author of Cheers To Him, and a mom of two beautiful young girls (Chloe and Chyla).

She is always on the go, but she spends it getting creative with her makeup and spending time with her girls during her free time. She is from a small town in South Carolina, where she currently resides. Ciera graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in journalism.

February 24th was the release of Cheers To Him, and the love from family, friends, and readers were terrific. In her book, Ciera shares the relationship experiences that helped her grow and develop into the person she is and still becoming.  Continue reading “Bossed UP Featuring Ciera Young”

Bossed UP Featuring Tabitha D. James

Tabitha is very dedicated to what she does; she believes her work is God’s calling. A traditional 9 am to 5 pm job is not her dream. She works day and night to make her dreams and aspirations come true while changing the lives of others. She released her first book, Not Posted S.E.A.S.O.N.S of The Untold, in July 2017, and her feedback and success are beyond what she can imagine. Tabitha is a mentor to young girls in her hometown Lake View, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas through S.H.E Are Me Mentoring.

She is also the founder of 1 Am S.H.E! February 4, 2018, marked the two-year anniversary of 1 Am S.H.E business. With all of the incredible things she has done and the things she has planned, I decided to meet up with the entrepreneur. 

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Bossed UP Featuring Cynthia O

Cynthia O is indeed Bossed UP and tends to wear many hats! She is the author of “Free As An Uncaged Bird” and Founder of Beyond Empowerment. Everything Cynthia does is done with passion and purpose. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, she knew she desired to work with young people in some form of compacity. Outside of operating her nonprofit and writing books, Cynthia … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Cynthia O

Bossed UP Featuring Rachel Gibbs

I Journi would like to introduce you all to the CEO of Gibbs Financial Fitness and three times author Rachel Gibbs from Columbia, South Carolina.   More money doesn’t have to mean more problems. Yes, you read that right. It’s the mismanagement of funds that can make you feel like you’re stuck in a fast-paced game of Tetris. Think about it. We all start with an … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Rachel Gibbs

Bossed UP Featuring Issia Grate

Transparency and inspiration are two defining characteristics of fitness guru Issia Grate. She’s been crushing it and sharing her wellness journey to motivate others and make healthy moves in their lives since Jan 2019.

Despite the uncertainty that the pandemic has propelled many people into these last few months, Grate has managed to thrive financially as an Herbalife Entrepreneur. 

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland but currently residing in Lorton, Virginia, Issia received her bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Applied Mathematics from Coastal Carolina University and her Master’s Degree in System Engineering from Oakland University. 

She prides herself on her tenacity and encourages those around her to become the best versions of themselves. She aims to give back to her community on a bigger scale through her nutrition club, The Grater (utilizing her last name as her message to encourage others to be their greatest self) Good Nutrition, by 2022. Her tireless work effort and positive mission to make holistic wellness and motivation the focus of her fitness instruction truly makes her a game-changer. Learn more about Issia and the road she took to get to where she is in this up close and personal interview.

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