Journi’s Motivation: Your Vision

For a vision to manifest and become transparent, you have to put in the work and give it the effort it needs. Do something every day that’s going to help that vision become transparent as glass. The new year is coming, so maybe creating a vision board and then hanging it somewhere you will always be able to have it in your view: office area, … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Your Vision

Journi’s Motivation: Surround yourself with like minded individuals

The right support system will have you glowing on the outside and the inside. When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you will move differently. Though you have to encourage and motivate yourself to go after your dreams, your support system will give you the boost you need to reach the top. The support Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Surround yourself with like minded individuals

Journi’s Motivation: Make The Right Decision

Whoever said, making the right decision would be easy. We dwell on things and push them to the back burner because we are afraid of the outcome: how it would impact us financially or how the decision could impact someone we love. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions that will put you in an uncomfortable situation; that uncomfortable feeling is temporary. Make the right … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Make The Right Decision

Journi’s Motivation

When you start letting go of things that’s hindering you from moving forward you will feel better within! Access to locked doors and new destinations will be granted during the process. Sometimes things will happen when you least expect them to: sometimes good, sometimes bad. What really matters is how you handle yourself when the unexpected happens. Believe it or not you can be blocking … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation

Do What You Want Now!

Life is precious and we should live our lives to the limit. We often push things off until tomorrow and tomorrow sometimes never show up! Continue reading “Do What You Want Now!”

Start Today!

Your tomorrow starts today.

We sometimes let our busy schedules and/or tiredness interfere with getting certain things done. We will put things off until tomorrow however, when tomorrow arrives it’s always “tomorrow!” Continue reading “Start Today!”