Bossed UP Featuring Issia Grate

Transparency and inspiration are two defining characteristics of fitness guru Issia Grate. She’s been crushing it and sharing her wellness journey to motivate others and make healthy moves in their lives since Jan 2019.

Despite the uncertainty that the pandemic has propelled many people into these last few months, Grate has managed to thrive financially as an Herbalife Entrepreneur. 

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland but currently residing in Lorton, Virginia, Issia received her bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Applied Mathematics from Coastal Carolina University and her Master’s Degree in System Engineering from Oakland University. 

She prides herself on her tenacity and encourages those around her to become the best versions of themselves. She aims to give back to her community on a bigger scale through her nutrition club, The Grater (utilizing her last name as her message to encourage others to be their greatest self) Good Nutrition, by 2022. Her tireless work effort and positive mission to make holistic wellness and motivation the focus of her fitness instruction truly makes her a game-changer. Learn more about Issia and the road she took to get to where she is in this up close and personal interview.

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