Journi’s Motivation: We Become What We Think About

  We become what we think about so, know what you can do and achieve. Always think highly of yourself because you must if no one else believes in you. Don’t only think of what you want to accomplish; instead, take action. You will be amazed at what you can do when you put your thoughts into action.   We become what we think about. … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: We Become What We Think About

Journi’s Motivation: Own Your Story

Own your story!

Focus on what matters and be relentless!

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Journi’s Motivation: One Step Forward

All it takes for change is one step forward! That step can be a change for your career, your love life, a new business plan, a financial plan, a traveling plan, or anything you want to change up in life. Things don’t happen or randomly change the way we want them to unless you make that first step and keep things going! Remember nothing changes … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: One Step Forward

Journi’s Motivation: You Will Win

Real LEADERS and BOSSES guide their teams to success! However, not everyone measures success the same. Some people look at it by how much money they have, and some people measure it by their mental, spiritual, and physical health. However one looks at it, success is always gained when you have the right people and resources at your finger tips. Regardless of how you measure … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: You Will Win

Journi’s Motivation: Be Intentional

Being intentional is the new mood! When making big decisions that could affect the way things happen in your life, make sure you are intentional not only with others but also with yourself. You deserve nothing but the best, and if you’re going to give the best to others, you might as well give yourself the best. Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Be Intentional

Journi’s Motivation: You Got It

It’s a new year, and several new goals and challenges are being taken on. Things will start smooth and consistent, but there will also be obstacles along the way. However, don’t be alarmed and don’t quit. Not everything was made to be easy. Whatever your goals are, I’m pretty sure they take time, work, and commitment. You got it. Whatever you do, keep going. Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: You Got It

Journi’s Motivation: Access

They say when you receive things in threes, it is a sign. I’ve been having several on and off conversations with two of my close friends about the things and people who deserve access to our lives. I also recently came across a TD Jakes video speaking on the same thing; I feel like he confirmed the recent conversations. Sometimes, we give people access to … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Access

Journi’s Motivation: Your Vision

For a vision to manifest and become transparent, you have to put in the work and give it the effort it needs. Do something every day that’s going to help that vision become transparent as glass. The new year is coming, so maybe creating a vision board and then hanging it somewhere you will always be able to have it in your view: office area, … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Your Vision