Bossed UP Featuring Domonique Janaya

She Slay, Pray, and Proceed! She is a Girl Boss to be reckoned with! Meet Domonique Janaya, a creative self-starter in all things from Charleston, South Carolina. She’s a very spiritual and influential individual who steps out on faith to make her dreams and goals come true. This entrepreneur is Bossed UP and on her grind to grow her brand.  When Domonique graduated from undergrad, she … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Domonique Janaya

Bossed UP Featuring Elsie Mufuka

Meet Dance professional Elsie Mufuka from Gardens Corner, South Carolina! She is the creative director and owner of MufukaWorks Dance Company, an Afro Russe Dance Company that uses Dance to tell stories. Elsie attended Coker College, where she studied Dance. After college, she received several opportunities to travel, Dance, lead, and teach. One of Elsie’s opportunities and adventures lead her to Johannesburg, South Africa, where she danced … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Elsie Mufuka

Top 5 Island Getaways that do not require a passport for U.S. travelers by Kelsey T.

If you love water, sunny skies, and exploring beautiful places, then an island vacation may be just what the doctor ordered for you.  Don’t have a passport? Fear not! There are plenty of exciting places in the United States that you can visit without one.  There are well over a hundred islands covering over at least 20 square miles each across the country. With so … Continue reading Top 5 Island Getaways that do not require a passport for U.S. travelers by Kelsey T.

Journi’s Motivation: Be Intentional

Being intentional is the new mood! When making big decisions that could affect the way things happen in your life, make sure you are intentional not only with others but also with yourself. You deserve nothing but the best, and if you’re going to give the best to others, you might as well give yourself the best. Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Be Intentional

Journi’s Conversation: Tangie Bee’s Music

Meet Tangie Bee; she’s someone with an artistic mind and is an incredible music curator out of Baltimore, Maryland. When it comes to composing music, she enjoys experimenting with synthesizers and layers to develop her next sound.

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My Vote, My Voice, I Know It Matters!

I am female! I am Educated! I am Black in America, and I will not let my vote go to waste. The future depends on my vote, and this is not the time or any other time to silence the voice so, I vote. I want to be part of positive and effective changes. I know my voice matters, and I want my voice to speak volumes. Several people fought with their lives, so I can show up and exercise my right to vote: Martin Luther King, Mary Church Terrell, Dorothy Heights, Malcome X, to name a few.

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What’s Motivating African Americans To Entrepreneurship!

Numerous people will probably agree with me when I say 2020 has been a year of uncertainty. Countless people lost their jobs when the world went into a pandemic due to COVID-19. When cities and states started locking down, some people didn’t know where their next income source would come from; as a result, many developed their own businesses. People invested their money into stocks, bonds, startups, and investments that allowed the dollar to increase. Several African Americans have been motivated to start their own business in light of the pandemic.

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Under 30 Experiences Fueled My Life

My first adventure to Costa Rica was with Under 30 Experiences ( U30X) which was unforgettable and an almost indescribable feeling. Because I decided to travel with U30X, all the planning was done for me, I meet new people, and I was able to awaken the emotions/feelings that I have been sleeping on. The travel company took all of the stress and tasks away from … Continue reading Under 30 Experiences Fueled My Life

Do What You Want Now!

Life is precious and we should live our lives to the limit. We often push things off until tomorrow and tomorrow sometimes never show up! Continue reading “Do What You Want Now!”