10 Eco-friendly Places You Must Visit In The World

There are 10 Eco-friendly places to explore as the world becomes more environmentally conscious! More people are looking to travel to destinations promoting environmental sustainability, and the money made by the tourist industry is essential in fostering environmental sustainability. Eighty-one percent of travelers surveyed by Booking.com in 2021 want to travel more sustainably by staying in sustainable accommodations; seventy-three percent of surveyed people also shared … Continue reading 10 Eco-friendly Places You Must Visit In The World

Bossed UP Featuring Tabitha D. James

Tabitha is very dedicated to what she does; she believes her work is God’s calling. A traditional 9 am to 5 pm job is not her dream. She works day and night to make her dreams and aspirations come true while changing the lives of others. She released her first book, Not Posted S.E.A.S.O.N.S of The Untold, in July 2017, and her feedback and success are beyond what she can imagine. Tabitha is a mentor to young girls in her hometown Lake View, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas through S.H.E Are Me Mentoring.

She is also the founder of 1 Am S.H.E! February 4, 2018, marked the two-year anniversary of 1 Am S.H.E business. With all of the incredible things she has done and the things she has planned, I decided to meet up with the entrepreneur. 

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4 Things You Must Do When Traveling

Look for souvenirs outside the gift shop. When traveling, try to avoid gift shops when purchasing souvenirs. There will be unique and original findings when visiting street vendors and random stores you come across while traveling. Looking for original art became a thing for me when I took my first international trip to Europe. While visiting Europe, my goal was to find an original art … Continue reading 4 Things You Must Do When Traveling

Five Must-See Spring Locations in the Carolinas by Kelsey T.

Spring is just around the corner, and an excellent destination to visit is the Carolinas. The Carolinas comprise of two states – North and South Carolina – located in the southeastern United States along the coast. There are areas well-known for the natural beauty and southern hospitality in these southern states. Here are five must-see spring locations in the Carolinas:  Five Must-See Spring Locations in … Continue reading Five Must-See Spring Locations in the Carolinas by Kelsey T.

Five Must-See Sights in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina by Kelsey T

The North Carolina Raleigh-Durham area is a thriving region where modernity meets Southern charm. It is part of a tri-city zone called the Research Triangle, or simply The Triangle. 

This area’s name comes from its triangle of prestigious research institutions, including Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University. 

Raleigh-Durham has no shortage of exciting things to do. People love visiting this lively area because of its exciting atmosphere and charm.  There are notable historic buildings, museums, and cultural sights to see.

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What’s Motivating African Americans To Entrepreneurship!

Numerous people will probably agree with me when I say 2020 has been a year of uncertainty. Countless people lost their jobs when the world went into a pandemic due to COVID-19. When cities and states started locking down, some people didn’t know where their next income source would come from; as a result, many developed their own businesses. People invested their money into stocks, bonds, startups, and investments that allowed the dollar to increase. Several African Americans have been motivated to start their own business in light of the pandemic.

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Discovering Historic Yates Mill Park

For anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet moment and get away from their day-to-day hustle and bustle, Historic Yates Mill County Park is the place. The park is very calming, with a lot of history located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Must See Mexico City: 10 Days in a Culture Capital by Danna Sweidan

Before we go over the itinerary that Sam and I used, I’d like to give five general tips about traveling to Mexico City too.

Tip 1.

The weather is mostly mild and sunny year-round, but the altitude (over 7000 ft above sea level) means it’s windy, and sudden storms can take you by surprise— bring easy layers and comfortable tennis shoes.

Tip 2.

Don’t try to dress down here. By all means, wear whatever you please, but know that Mexico City is very well dressed, basically everywhere. The only place I didn’t see blazers was hiking Teotihuacan’s pyramids.

Tip 3.

Many restaurants are wonderful here, but the magic is in the carts. Almost every street cart and bodega is making delicious, fresh meats and tortas. You’ll see tents full of suited lunch break bankers sitting on plastic stools huddled over a plate of steaming al pastor tacos. Trust these tents, and walk up to them as often, if not more than you would Yelp a place first.

Tip 4.

We walked nearly everywhere, but this is a massive city. Continue reading “Must See Mexico City: 10 Days in a Culture Capital by Danna Sweidan”