3 Highlights From LA

I have traveled up and down the East coast, but I have never traveled to the west coast until recently! My birthday was coming up, and I was taking a vacation away from work, so I decided to purchase a flight to California to visit a friend. I made a toast to new friendships and memories, achieving goals, and living life.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Waving goodbye to 2017 and saying HELLO to 2018! At the beginning of each year, several people go into the “New Year, New Me” phase. In 2018, I am pushing myself to follow through with my goals and dreams, become financially stable, and handle my mental and emotional stress differently.

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Food and Restaurants in Spain

Eating In SPAIN    My Plates    Leah’s Plates ————————————————————————————- Yes when we wanted to save money for another location.. we chose Burger King; it wasn’t that cheap.  ———————————————————————————–     ————————————————————————– Last night of the trip. Sangria and Tuna pizza…Loved the sangria however, I was not a big fan of eating fish on my pizza. It was good though.   Continue reading Food and Restaurants in Spain