Ways Mentoring Can Empower and Shape Youth Now and In The Future

Tabitha D. James – Strategist, Author, Mentor, Speaker

Mentoring, formal or informal, has the ability to transform the life trajectory of youth despite ethnicity, socioeconomic status, academic credentials, and other classifying metrics. The Mentoring Effect Report developed by the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) defines a mentor as a supportive adult who works with a young person to build a relationship by offering guidance, support, and encouragement to help the young person’s positive and healthy development over a period of time. Mentor-mentee relationships can be developed organically by way of school, community, faith-based communities, and similar or formally by way of structured mentoring programs. Either format can cultivate trust-based relationships that ultimately serve as a basis for long-term positive results for the young person. 

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Black Women and Mental Health

Black women are the epitome of everything and more. From the way, our melanin pops in an array of shades, to the way our bodies curve in all the right places, to the way we hold it down and command attention when we walk in the room. Black women in every way OWN this world. Simply put, we are DOPE! In all of our dopeness, … Continue reading Black Women and Mental Health