The Importance of Travel and Mental Health by Tabitha James

Let’s face it, life is demanding – work, family, bills, organizational commitments, social life (ha) – we spend a lot of time doing “the things”. Our personal wellness and mental health often fall victim to neglect as we focus on getting “the things” done and maintaining the moving parts of life. For many, the thought of travel is a luxury, an illusion that time away from “the things” will be relaxing and refreshing however the lingering notion that there is no time for vacation haunts the mind. Continue reading “The Importance of Travel and Mental Health by Tabitha James”


It’s OK to Take A Break!

When there is all work and no play you can stress and burn yourself out. Taking a break from work allows you to rejuvenate. When you are burned and or stressed out it becomes hard to focus on what needs to be done, to make sound decisions, you become stressed, emotional, and the list can go on. To protect your sanity, you must know when enough is enough. It’s OK to say no to things that Continue reading “It’s OK to Take A Break!”

When I Feel Frustrated

Stress takes a toll on many people from time to time.

We  overload ourselves and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressure that come a long with it.

When I become stress, I exercise, watch a movie, or listen to music. During my senior year of high school I realized that running helped me to release stress. I can’t focus on anything such as studying, completing school work, and etc when stress builds upon on me.

At the Starting Line: Tips to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Journey By Keshia Kelly


If you desire to change your life for the better and you are ready  to give maximum amount of effort to living a healthy lifestyle,  you have come to the right place. I am equipping you with 5 simple steps to get you started and well on your way on healthy journey.  
Step 1: Make time. We all live busy lives, there are many responsibilities, obligations, and commitments we choose to balance. In order to live healthy you should be intentional about making time to prepare. Being prepared, and showing up is half the work. Suggestions: Prepare healthy lunches, snacks and dinners ahead of time. 

Continue reading “At the Starting Line: Tips to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Journey By Keshia Kelly”

Foods That Burn Fat

10 Foods That Burn Fat
Fat Burning Foods
1.       Eggs– Eggs are low in fat and helps to burn unwanted fat. It is high in protein and levels of Vitamin B-12. Most fat burning properties of an egg is in the egg whites.
2.       Beans– Everybody knows that beans can be a disturbance to the gastrointestinal. However, they are good for iron, protein, and fiber.
3.       Oatmeal– This helps to lower your cholesterol level. It is loaded with soluble fiber which, helps to reduce blood cholesterol by flushing bad digestive acids out of your body.
4.       Olive Oil– This helps to burn fat and keeps your cholesterol down.
5.       Lean Cut Meats: turkey, beef, salmon, tuna and etc. The protein compounds of these meats are slowly broken down which, allows consumers to feel fuller for long periods of time.
6.       Skim Milk– Milk helps the body to gain muscle and loose fat after exercising.
7.       Green Tea-Increases your metabolism
8.       Berries– This fruit is full of fiber.
9.       Whole Grain– This is a great source for vitamin B, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and fiber. Whole grain is good in helping regulate the bowel system, hunger and metabolism.
10.   Grapefruit– The phytochemicals in this fruit help reduce insulin levels. This is a process that can force your body to convert calories into energy.

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Body Building

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Getting Fit!

Daily Work-Out
Four days of the week, I hit the gym.
 I switch up my work-out at least two of the days I go.
One of my work-out routines consist of the following:
Cardio= 30 minutes
Bicycle Exercise
3 sets of 15 reps
It targets the rectus abdominal and the oblique (the waist).
Captain’s Chair Leg Raise
3 sets of 15
It targets the rectus abdominal as well as the oblique.
Scissor Kicks
3 sets of 15
Mason Twist
3 sets of 15
10 Songs On My WORKOUT Playlist
1.       Nicki Minaj- I’m The Best
2.       Nicki Minaj- Did it on’em
3.       Lil Wayne- 6 foot 7 foot
4.       Keri Hilson- Pretty Girl Rock
5.       Rhianna-Rude Boy
6.       Ludacris-My Chic Bad Remix
7.       Trey Songz-Bottoms Up
8.       Waka Flacka Flame-No Hands 
9.       T.I- I Got Your Back
10.   Taio Cruz- Dynamite