TO The MOM: Happy Mother’s DAY!

HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to all MOMS out there. Over the years, I have met some pretty darn amazing MOMS!

All MOMS have something in common, and they want nothing but the best for their children! Moms would do everything possible to ensure their children are cared for and ensure they do not go without anything. Continue reading “TO The MOM: Happy Mother’s DAY!”

How To Move On When Your Heart Has Been Broken

Before you all get into this story, I have recently gone through writers’ block!! Last week’s guest blogger Alyssa Frison encouraged me to share this story. I have written this blog that you are about to read a few years ago, and it has sat in my drafting area of word-press ever since, just like a few other stories that I have not posted. Some of these stories are sensitive, but I figured this one might help someone else overcome a heartbreak or to love him or herself. Besides, I Journi is all about inspiring and motivating others, so why not share! YIKES! Here it goes!  Continue reading “How To Move On When Your Heart Has Been Broken”

Love Me…. Maybe I’ll Love You Back Written By Alyssa Frison “Lyssa”

I know the title is kinda crazy but stay with me, it will make sense in the end. Oh yeah, Kings, this is from the perspective of a Queen. You may be able to relate but this one is for my magical Queens. This doesn’t mean stop reading! Please read on and save a heart…or mend one.

So you’re out here living your best life! I mean you’re flourishing Queen in all ways. Hair is growing, your natural twist out is poppin’, your eyebrows are twins NOT COUSINS (lol) and you’ve even dropped a few pounds but stayed thick in all the right places. God has allowed your melanated life to be favored and you are NOT taking it for granted! Continue reading “Love Me…. Maybe I’ll Love You Back Written By Alyssa Frison “Lyssa””

Build A Strong Support System

Regardless of what one may be going through a strong  support system of friends to help stay balanced in life is needed. When you have friends who support you and you support them things become less stressful. When you don’t have a support system you may find yourself making decisions a lone that you wish you had someone to consult with.

Continue reading “Build A Strong Support System”

Lets Talk About Sex

Talking about sex is completely healthy! Discussing it with your partner should not be a taboo subject. We listen to it on the radio, we see it in films/TV shows, and see an advertisement about it on a day-to-day basis.

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