Love Me…. Maybe I’ll Love You Back Written By Alyssa Frison “Lyssa”

I know the title is kinda crazy but stay with me, it will make sense in the end. Oh yeah, Kings, this is from the perspective of a Queen. You may be able to relate but this one is for my magical Queens. This doesn’t mean stop reading! Please read on and save a heart…or mend one.

So you’re out here living your best life! I mean you’re flourishing Queen in all ways. Hair is growing, your natural twist out is poppin’, your eyebrows are twins NOT COUSINS (lol) and you’ve even dropped a few pounds but stayed thick in all the right places. God has allowed your melanated life to be favored and you are NOT taking it for granted!

So in walks this guy. You’re not looking for love and you make it clear, but he makes his intentions clear; he wants you. So, you allow the chase to happen. You allow the Good Morning Beautiful text messages and the late-night conversations. Its entertaining at first because, hey he’s cool and it’s a welcomed distraction from the humdrum of your routine but content life. But you realize with every conversation a relationship is building and the next thing you know you’ve built something and the question is popped…Will you be my girlfriend? You happily accept because hey, the relationship has already been built you both just needed to make it “official”.

You’ve made it official! You’ve crossed into girlfriend territory and finally made it out of just talking land. You’ve seen a few red flags but nothing that will break the deal. THIS IS YOUR MAN. You address it, say how you feel and leave it there. He hears you and apologizes and so y’all keep it moving.

The relationship is still there but now red flags are EVERYWHERE. It’s now a minefield and any and everything can set either one of you off. You stick it out cause hey that’s your bae and he loves you…right? You take on the mindset, things will get better. Every day a new argument. Things will get better. The communication starts to fade. Things will get. You stop seeing each other. Things will. Social Media paints a picture of singleness.

Things…wait…I will make things get BETTER!

You decide to try to work it out with him. You reach out to make amends because you’re tired of the drama! You both make promises to make it better and for a moment it is better. It becomes a never-ending cycle; battle, silence, makeup, a moment of peace and repeat. The moment of peace gets shorter and shorter. The silence gets longer. Your friends jump in because they see the unhappiness. You know what to do but you don’t want to break your own heart, not realizing that it was broken a long time ago. So, you let it go. He doesn’t fight to keep you but simply says ok.

You then realize that at the end or maybe the entire time he was only able to love you when you could be a benefit to him. The moments of peace only came along when he could get something out of you. You realized that you took off your crown and put on a servant’s robe and decided to devote your happiness to his happiness only to never get anything in return but another bill, another request or another blow up. A couple of forevers turned into moments.
I don’t know how the story ends. I just honestly wish the story never had to be told. Yeah, we know she allowed a lot to happen. But this is our reality. Somewhere someone will read this and say it’s her fault she allowed too much. My opinion? He should’ve been honest. Somewhere during the relationship, his intentions changed and that’s when the status should have changed. The crazy thing about the truth is that it helps more than it hurts. No one can get mad or place blame if people stopped treating love like a game and started seeing it for what it really is; the showing of one’s true self in hopes that the other will accept it.

3 thoughts on “Love Me…. Maybe I’ll Love You Back Written By Alyssa Frison “Lyssa”

    1. Lyssa did an amazing job! Expression and personal experiences can turn out to be something outstanding in a story especially when you can connect with your audience.

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