Journi’s Conversation: Tangie Bee’s Music

Meet Tangie Bee; she’s someone with an artistic mind and is an incredible music curator out of Baltimore, Maryland. When it comes to composing music, she enjoys experimenting with synthesizers and layers to develop her next sound.

Tangie Bee is currently working on a new EP, “L’ethere”! This new music project focuses a lot on things going on in her personal life; she hopes someone else can correlate to her music and appreciate what she has to say. Tangie has momentarily paused a few things, such as performing with her band to stay focused and committed to completing her new EP and a few other creative projects she hopes to release soon.

Tangie Bee grew up in Conway, South Carolina, where she enjoyed being around music daily due to her mother’s love for music. Because of this, her admiration and passion ignited at such a young age. As a child, she idolized her mother’s singing groups, Daughters of Christ, and The Greater Inspirational Mass Choir. When Tangie’s mom recognized the influence music was having on her daughter’s daily life, she enrolled Tangie in music lessons. From there, music continued to grow and have a continuous place in Tangie’s life.

Outside of music, Tangie has a passion for advocating for the youth and serving the community where she works and lives. Her advocacy goes deep as ten years while working with different nonprofits with the same core values and mission as she does, which is youth development.
Tangie Bee is a lot of elements: Linda’s daughter, an artistic individual, a sister, a lover, spiritual, and human trying to navigate life the best way.

When asked how her music impacts her surrounding community and how it’s relatable, Tangie mentioned her music is a distraction from reality and very relatable to so many things that are going on around us every day:

“It’s is like the rose that continues to grow from concrete.”

Please get to know more about Tangie Bee by watching the full video of Journi’s Conversation. In the video, Tangie talks about her creative flow, how she ended up in Baltimore, Maryland, and several other life gems.


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