Bossed UP Featuring Cynthia O

Cynthia O is indeed Bossed UP and tends to wear many hats! She is the author of “Free As An Uncaged Bird” and Founder of Beyond Empowerment. Everything Cynthia does is done with passion and purpose. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, she knew she desired to work with young people in some form of compacity. Outside of operating her nonprofit and writing books, Cynthia serves part-time in the Air Force and works full-time with at-risk youth for the state of South Carolina.

Free As An Uncaged Bird is Cynthia O’s first published book; however, it is the third book she has ever written. The timing of the transitions she was making in life prompted her to release this book before the other two books to be an inspiration to others.

In 2019 Cynthia began to feel in her heart the changes she needed to make for her to work with youth at the compacity she wanted. Cynthia started by writing down her vision, goals, and the steps it would take to make everything fall into place. After looking at her plan on paper, she began to make the necessary transformations needed to walk in her desired path. By the end of 2019, Beyond Empowerment came to life in Marion County of South Carolina.

The mission of the nonprofit organization is “to have an interactive youth/young adult leadership workshop to aid in securing educational & employment goals, networking opportunities, maximizing strengths, providing strategic tools for success, & inspiration to reach above and beyond.”

The program is empowering and allows teens to fully embrace their identity and obtain the life skills they need to become the next leaders this world needs. Cynthia O and her organization aim to help the youth identify their strengths and cultivate them.

Watch the full interview with Cynthia O and learn more about her nonprofit and what she has planned for this upcoming year. She also shares the energy and dedication it took to build her brand and keep things going.




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