Bossed UP Featuring Ciera Young

Ciera Young is a BOSS, and she knows it! She is a freelance photographer, certified MUA, Owner of FanCee The Brand, newly published author of Cheers To Him, and a mom of two beautiful young girls (Chloe and Chyla).

She is always on the go, but she spends it getting creative with her makeup and spending time with her girls during her free time. She is from a small town in South Carolina, where she currently resides. Ciera graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in journalism.

February 24th was the release of Cheers To Him, and the love from family, friends, and readers were terrific. In her book, Ciera shares the relationship experiences that helped her grow and develop into the person she is and still becoming. 

What makes Ciera a boss is her motivation to chase her dreams, knowing her potential, and having the courage to share her story with the world. Ciera hopes her book, Cheers To Him, will help someone heal, grow, transpire, develop self-love, and for men to love their daughters and treat the women in their lives with love and respect.

Ciera Young8 questions taking you into Ciera’s Life

 1. Your social release has come and gone, so what’s your next move?

Catch my breath! LOL! No, seriously, I want to continue to push the book; I have started to design a course based on specific points in the book. I want to book more speaking engagements and hopefully begin my book tour this fall.

2. What would you say was your biggest challenge with writing “Cheers To Him”?

The biggest challenge was being 100% honest, not only for my readers but for myself. I had to honestly face all of my internal issues and be ready to walk through what I was writing.

3. Do you feel any different now that hundreds of people read your story and have a peek into your life?

It is still surreal to me. I am still nervous; however, each time I get feedback, and when people tell me how good Cheers To Him is or how it helped them, I know that the “peek” they have received was never intended to be just for me. 

4. I know your daughters, Chloe and Chyla, motivate you to keep going, is there anything else that keeps you focused with your eye on the prize?

Absolutely! Knowing that this book and what I want to do with my FanCEE brand can influence and change lives keeps me motivated, and also, knowing that there are people I inspire helps me stay focused on continuing to walk on purpose!

5. If you can give one piece of advice to the young Ciera, what would it be?

Hmm…I would tell young Ciera that boys, relationships, and people do not define you. You are beautiful, intelligent, and very talented, and only you can validate yourself! 

6. What do you believe is your purpose in life?

I believe my purpose was to share my story and help people realize that there’s no need to hide behind fear or shame, or guilt because of things we have gone through or because of who we are. It was destined for me to write and speak because it’s such a natural passion.

7. What is one random thing you say most don’t know about you?

I am an introvert and don’t like to be around people for long periods of time, lol!

8. Who exactly is FanCee? Is it you? 

FanCEE is me. FanCee is the dream, and FanCEE lives inside of everybody; they have to be in touch with themselves to discover it!

This is only the beginning for Ciera Young; she lives up to her motto, “Think Forward. Seek Purpose. Live fanCEE”! I believe she is indeed a game-changer for pushing herself to the limit and stepping outside of her comfort zones. Her journey is unfolding, and she won’t be satisfied until she is sitting on Oprah’s couch sharing her story!
You can follow Ciera on Instagram @Fan_Cee.

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One thought on “Bossed UP Featuring Ciera Young

  1. Congratulations and big ups to Ciera Young! As a proud alum of CCU, continue to make your dreams a reality!!!

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