Six Quick Ways to Relax

1.Listen to music: Listening to music can make you feel better and place you in a better mood. When I listen to music, it is based on my mood. I usually listen to R&B or Hip Hop and dance around my apartment if I am stressed. Yes, I dance around in my apartment when no one is looking. Besides, “Music is what feelings sound like.”

2.Exercise: Hitting the track or nature trail for a run typically helps release stress, which can lead me to a relaxed state of mind.

3.Take a bubble bath: This process relaxes/soothes the muscles in your body, nourish, hydrates, and heals your skin. 

4.SPEND TIME WITH A SPECIAL FRIEND: Call up a friend to have lunch, movie night, bowling, or whatever you and your friend decide. Spending time with a loved one will always make things better, especially when there’s laughter.

5. A day at the beach: It doesn’t matter if I am alone or with friends when I go to the beach because I always enjoy it. The sound of waves and the feel of sand beneath my feet always give me a carefree feeling.

6.Massage: Who does not like to receive a massage? The pressure helps to relieve pain and relax the body. According to Massage Envy, getting a massage can even help treat anxiety and depression. It can lower the body’s cortisol level, a stress hormone, by as much as 53 percent. 


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