10 Eco-friendly Places You Must Visit In The World

There are 10 Eco-friendly places to explore as the world becomes more environmentally conscious! More people are looking to travel to destinations promoting environmental sustainability, and the money made by the tourist industry is essential in fostering environmental sustainability. Eighty-one percent of travelers surveyed by Booking.com in 2021 want to travel more sustainably by staying in sustainable accommodations; seventy-three percent of surveyed people also shared they are more likely to choose an accommodation if it has implemented sustainable practices.
You, too, can support environmental preservation efforts by traveling to eco-friendly places.
Here are ten eco-friendly places to add to your bucket list if you are an environmentally conscious individual or would love to experience an eco-friendly vacation.

  1. La Fortuna, Costa Rica
    Once a little-known town, La Fortuna is now a popular eco-tourism destination in Costa Rica. The La Fortuna waterfall, named after the town, makes for a great half-day activity. You can hike up the falls, take a swim, or explore the tropical greenery and species in Arena National Park.
    Visitors have to pay an entrance fee once they get to the park. The cost is a source of funding for the sustainable maintenance of the Arenal national park.
  2. The Galanapos Islands, Ecuador
    The Galanapos Islands were declared a Natural World Heritage site in 1978. The islands host several unique species found nowhere else in the world and offer magnificent sites to nature enthusiasts. A visit to the islands promises fun activities such as snorkeling and diving for active tourists. However, as part of the conservation initiative, only a restricted number of people may visit the islands at a time.
  3. Chumbe Island, Zanzibar
    Chumbe Island is a private reserve off the coast of Tanzania. The island boasts sustainable efforts such as coral-reef preservation and environmental management. The reserve hosts seven bungalows, all fitted with solar water heaters, composting toilets, and photovoltaic energy sources to reduce ecological impact.
  4. Colorado, US
    Colorado is an ideal destination if you’re looking to travel as an eco-tourist in the US. Many of the resorts in the area are LEED-certified, with the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver having gold certification. Colorado’s local tourism companies offer fun activities like rafting and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  5. The Azores Islands, Portugal
    The Azores comprise nine Islands off the Portuguese coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are a picture of nature in its glory, with hot springs, waterfalls, lush greenery, unique bird species, whales, and dolphins. The architecture in the islands is eco-friendly, and most food is locally sourced to promote sustainability.
  6. The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
    The leafy Amazon forest in Brazil is one of the most eco-friendly places worldwide. The rainforest depends on eco-tourism to fund efforts to fight deforestation and climate change.
  7. Kerala, India
    Lined with palm trees and surrounded by beautiful hills with banana and tea plantations and exotic beaches, Kerala is India’s eco-tourism hub and the prettiest state in the country. The state hosts the best wildlife sanctuaries, providing a haven for endangered species.
  8. Hawaii, US
    Hawaiians have been practicing environmental sustainability for millennia, as caring for the environment is part of the culture of the local natives. Besides hiking, swimming, and snorkeling in Hawaii, you can learn the ancient sustainability methods used to preserve Pu’uhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park.
  9. Borneo, Malaysia
    If you are looking for adventure, a hike in Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia, might be just for you. With its rugged yet safe terrain, Borneo is ideal for tourists who love to escape into the jungle. Mount Kinabalu also hosts numerous exotic plant and bird species that you can watch as you go up the trail.
  10. Iceland
    Iceland tops the ranks in environmental sustainability thanks to its geothermal activity. Nearly the entire country is powered by geothermal electricity, and Reykjavik, the capital city, has the reputation of being the cleanest city in the world. You can watch the Northern lights or lounge in the naturally heated pools surrounded by the beautiful scenery in Iceland.

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