Bossed UP Featuring Genesis

Genesis is a Singer, Songwriter, and Motivational speaker following her calling and staying BOSSED UP! Genesis calls Atlanta home, but she currently resides in Columbia, South Carolina, where she is constantly on the go. Like any other average person, she works throughout the day and is continually building her brand throughout her free time. Before I meet Genesis, I heard a poem she had written, and I thought it was pretty dope. Before pursuing a career in singing, Genesis was a spoken word artist under Miss Understood for three years. 

Genesis wanted to incorporate the name Miss Understood into her brand; therefore, today, Miss Understood is the name of her mentoring group for girls between the ages of 12-21. Miss Understood is all about experiences for young girls because she is pushing for them to gain growth as adults. Helping her girls set goals and go through them is one of her main focuses as a mentor. She does follow-ups to ensure that they are staying on their toes and making things happen.

Genesis recently started touring with her team on the A Shot of Gen Tour and is planning to close it out in Atlanta this June. So far, she has stopped in Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC, Greenville, SC, and Spartanburg, SC. She has collaborated with other artists in the entertainment industry throughout her career. She recently made an appearance on Tiffany J’s song Being Me. Genesis has a few more things up her sleeve for this year; see what Genesis had to say about her brand and motivation in the 11 questions below. 

11 questions with Genesis


1. Who is Genesis?

Genesis is the beginning of something beautiful! Whether it be musically or professionally, etc. I pride myself on being a means to something beautiful.

2. How long have you been building your brand?

I became a solo artist six (6) years ago and built and cultivated the brand ever since.

3. Who is your targeted audience?

Ehhhh, not sure if I have a real target. I just aspire to inspire. I don’t care what age, race, political background, lifestyle, religion.

4. What is the message you want to give to your audience?

Honestly, I don’t have time to pretend that what it isn’t. I do not have it all together. I will not pretend that life and this journey have not been a doozie. But what I do embrace is the fight in me. It is a battle EVERY day to rise above the broken person constantly. I sometimes want to be and strive to be the whole person I need to be, for me & for those I come in contact with. It’s not my job to make people “get it.” So that they can see how real God is by way of the path I travel.

5. What inspires you to keep going after your dream, or should I say lifestyle?

All I am doing is pressing toward the mark, for He knows my beginning right from the start.

6. Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your journey?

My biggest supporter was my Dad, who slipped away from us last November (2017). There was nothing I could present to him that he didn’t believe I could do. He’d fuss about how much everything may cost, LOL, but he was all in.

7. What advice would you give those who are trying to make their dreams come true?

Find yourself authentically and embrace it! Plain and simple.

8. What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Girl, this isn’t you. Do you. Who cares what they think! — I probably would be so much further in my career if I had taken the advice I’m giving to others and the one to my younger self.

9. What’s your next big step? What do you have planned next for 2018?

I think it’s about time for an album. We’ll see, LOL.

10. What is something others may not know about you?

I always enjoyed singing but never thought I was good enough. So, I wrote for other people initially. Guess I was low-key a ghostwriter.

11. What do you usually like to do for fun during your free time?

I’m such a homebody. Hookah, a glass of wine, and a Netflix or Prime-time series are what usually occupy me.

Genesis is consistent with building her brand and that is what makes her Bossed UP! Her passion for music keeps her going! If you would like to keep up with Genesis follow her Facebook page @GenesisB and Instagram @__thegenesis


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